Sometimes color can be over-stimulating and a project calls for the addition of imagery that’s strong, but not distracting. A monotone palette, in illustration and photography, can be a great way to lead the eye through an image or design with elements of tonal range, light, and shape.

We’ve rounded up five artists who have created a body of work sans color — from cityscapes reminiscent of a Wes Anderson set and mesmerizing graphic illustrations to the artistic motion blur of crowds. Check out samples from each artist below, and click on their names to view their full portfolios and start following them yourself.

Rob van Esch

Rob van Esch | Exterior of quaint houses along a canal in Amsterdam


alexkar08 | Abstract black and white pattern background

Pan Xunbin

Pan Xunbin | Motion shot of business people walking


Depiano | Abstract seamless background baroque pattern


run4it | Abstract ink painting on paper

Top image: Abstract black and white pattern background by alexkar08.