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1 in 35 Million: A Visual Celebration of Two Shutterstock Milestones

When you’ve got as many images as we do, it can be hard to wrap your head around the sheer volume of it all. When we hit 30 million images last fall, we put some fun visuals to all those numbers, and now that we’ve hit 35 million, we’re doing it again.

Going back through Shutterstock history, we’ve selected one celebratory image from each million that arrived in our collection, compiling 35 festive visions that together represent our 35 million strong (and still growing!) library. Each one of these is quite literally one in a million.

And that’s not all — today, we’re also proud to announce that Shutterstock has officially sold more than 400 million image licenses since our founding in 2003. That’s a number we’re not even going to try to visualize right now. After all, it pretty much speaks for itself.

Check out five of our favorite images from the “1 in 35 million” series below, then click through the slideshow to view all 35.

5 million

Binkski | Cosmic space with stars 
Binkski | Cosmic space with stars 

26 million

dubassy | Elderly dj mixing records

24 million

irina d’elena | Bridal Henna 

14 million

Lola Tsvetaeva | Abstract seamless flower illustration

34 million

Andrekart Photography | Colorful French macarons

Use the arrows to click through our selection of 35 images  — in order of when they entered the Shutterstock database — in the slideshow below.

You can see all the images in one place in our lightbox, “1 in 35 million.”

Top image: Holi Festival of Colors, Norwalk, CA by betto rodrigues

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