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40 Images That Will Change Your Perception of Stock

Today marks a major milestone: 40 million images added to the Shutterstock collection. To celebrate, we’ve curated a stunning selection of imagery for you to explore. From Asian landscapes to wild-animal closeups to underwater wonders, these 40 incredible images are all available on Shutterstock, captured by contributors from all across the globe. Intrigued? Try Shutterstock for free – get 10 stock photos within the free trial.

Every day we add tens of thousands of new photos, illustrations, and vectors to the Shutterstock collection, and these 40 images offer a glimpse of just how diverse that selection is. There are vivid food photos, authentic snapshots, and fashion portraits that play with shadows and light to present something new. You’ll also find dramatic adventure imagery, elegantly-painted portraits, detailed macro photographs, and more. Viewed together, this selection of unique artwork shows just how many different ways there are to capture “beauty.”

Stock Photo Rice Fields Vietnam
Terraced rice fields in Yen Bai, Vietnam
Stock Photo Tomatoes Feta
Oven-Baked Cherry Tomatoes with Garlic and Feta by B. and E. Dudzinscy
Stock Photo Jumping into Lake
Silhouettes of kids who jump off dock on the lake at sunset by MitarArt
Stock Photo White Tiger
white tiger by Oleg Kozlov
Stock Photo Bungee Jumping
rope jumping by Vitalii Nesterchuk
Stock Photo Potato Starch
Potato starch grain image at a polarizing light by Sergejus Byckovskis
Stock Photo Underwater Portrait
Beautiful girl lying in the bathroom, red lips closeup by Maksim Shirkov
Stock Photo Flamingoes
African flamingos in the lake over beautiful sunset by Anna Omelchenko
Stock Photo Black and White Clock
Simple black and white clock in front of conceptual modern interior with steel arches in perspective by telesniuk
Stock Photo Surfers
Two Men – Surfers in black diving suits by Viktoria Gavrilina
Stock Photo Surrealist Portrait
Surrealist art portrait of young lady with shadow on her body by Mayer George
Stock Photo Tree Frog
This image was taken in Costa Rica, it is a red eye tree frog on the pictures by Photolukacs
Stock Photo Sant Agnese
Sant Agnese in Agone lit up by setting sun in Piazza Navona reflected in puddle by Steve Heap
Stock Photo Ballerina
A portrait of young beautiful gymnast woman by Stolbov Pavel
Stock Photo Kayaker
Stock Photo Painted Portrait
Portrait of the nude girl on a bed by nodff
Stock Photo Boxing Match
boxing match by aerogondo2
Stock Photo Ink in Water
abstract ink in water by Goncharuk Maksim
Stock Photo Woman in Sand
Art photo of beautiful lady buried in the sand by Mayer George
Stock Photo Cars Highway Timelapse
Cars moving fast on a highway by l i g h t p o e t
Stock Photo Swimmer Underwater
professional swimmer underwater after the jump by S.Pytel
Stock Photo Roasted Carrots
roasted carrots with spices on a baking tray, food by Olha Afanasieva
Stock Photo Cute Little Girl
portrait of a beautiful little girl expresses emotions indoor by Serov
Stock Photo Diver Black Jacks
Diver with a camera, filming a huge school of Black Jacks, at the Liberty Wreck at Tulamben, Bali by DJ Mattaar
Stock Photo Beautiful Bride
Portrait of the beautiful bride against a window indoors by Elina-Lava
Stock Photo Closeup Cat
Cat portrait close up, only head crop, looking to the top by Renata Apanaviciene
Stock Photo Motion of Stars
The motion of stars around Pole Star in the night city by AlexussK
Stock Photo Closeup Bubbles
Bubbles by Sailesh Patel
Stock Photo Man in Ocean Waves
Hand of drowning man trying to swim out of the stormy ocean by Mikhail hoboton Popov
Stock Photo Sleeping Fruit Vendor
A Vietnamese fruit vendor selling the tropical fruit, durian, takes an afternoon nap and under the popular conical hat by lancelee
Stock Photo Blue Glacier
Journey to the End of the World. Chilean Patagonia in the clouds and sunshine. Blue Ice Glacier Gray is reflected in the lake by kavram
Stock Photo Woman Silhouette
stylish silhouette beautiful woman in circle by Raisa Kanareva
Stock Photo Little Boy with Dog
Boy with cute dog, giving him a kiss by Tomsickova Tatyana
Stock Photo Jellyfish
Jellyfish Monterey Aquarium California by Joel Shawn
Stock Photo Zhejiang Mountains
Alpine by feiyuezhangjie
Stock Photo Fashion Illustration
Woman face. Hand painted fashion illustration by Anna Ismagilova
Stock Photo Ocean Wave Breaking
Tropical sunset background. Beautiful colorful ocean wave breaking closing near sand beach by Willyam Bradberry
Stock Photo Boy Holi Festival
Holi celebrations – Closeup of a boy playing Holi in India by Intellistudies
Stock Photo Zebra Rolling in Dust
Zebra rolling in the dust (Artistic processing) by Johan Swanepoel
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