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3D Content Policy Change

3D illustrations and renderings are amazingly realistic images. To a customer who might not know about 3D illustrations, they may appear to be photographs of real people, interiors and other objects.

All 3D content should always be designated as an “Illustration” in the content editor so that customers will find 3D renderings only when they search for illustrations.

In order to further clarify 3D content for our customers, we are now requiring that all 3D renderings and illustrations include the term “3D rendering” or “3D illustration” in the description as well as the keywords.

Using these terms will help customers better understand they are viewing 3D renderings and it will inform reviewers on how to properly review your content in a timely and consistent manner.

We will not require property releases for software used to create 3D renderings of objects, people, animals, vehicles and exterior architecture.

3D renderings of room interiors will continue to require a 3D Property Release. Please refer to this earlier post for more information about submitting 3D interior renderings.

Please note, if a reference image was used to create a 3D model, contributors must own the copyright to the reference image. Refer to the this support article for further clarification.

This policy does not apply to vectors, only to JPEG Illustrations.

3D images submitted without the words “3D illustration” or “3D rendering” in the title and keywords will not be approved for the following reason: 3D Title/Keyword Requirement: 3D images require the phrase “3D illustration” or “3D rendering” in the title and keywords.

Whether the 3D illustration is realistic or stylized/cartoony they would both require the 3D Illustration designation in the metadata.

Let’s take a look at some examples of the proper way to add these terms to the metadata for 3D content.

Here is a 3D rendering of a realistic grizzly bear:

3d grizzly bear stock photo

Title: 3D Illustration of a brown grizzly bear standing on its hind legs
Keywords: 3D Illustration, Bear, Brown, Fierce, Attack, Standing, Ferocious, Animal, Rendering, Claws

This are acceptable since “3D Illustration” was included in both the keywords and the title.

Let’s look at another example. This is a 3D illustration of a teddy bear:

teddy bear animation 3d stock photo

Title: 3D Rendering of a brown teddy bear standing on its hind legs
Keywords: 3D Rendering, Bear, Brown, Cute, Sweet, Standing, Friendly, Animal, Rendering, Happy, Waving

This is also acceptable since “3D Rendering” was included in both the title and the keywords.

This is an example of 3D household objects. Even though the image partially shows a 3D rendered interior, the focus of the image is on the household objects. Therefore, this image would not require a property release. However, this type of 3D image must indicate that it is a 3D rendering in the caption and keywords.

3d rendering kitchen coffee stock photo

Title: Pairs of black and chrome finish tea pots and mugs on smooth granite marble surface. 3d Rendering.
Keywords: 3d illustration, 3d, architecture, backsplash, banner, beverage, black, brew, cafe, catering, coffee, coffeepot, counter, crockery, culinary, drink, filter, four, household, illustration, implement, interior, kitchen, kitchenware, luxury, machine, marble, metal, modern, mugs, panorama, percolate, percolator, set, table, two, utensil, wall

Additionally, this is acceptable because the title and keywords state that the image is a 3D illustration/rendering.

Below is an example of a 3D building exterior. Please note that it states that it is a 3D rendering in the caption and keywords; however, since it is not a building interior, it does not require a property release.

3d building skyscraper rendering stock photo

Title: 3D Illustration Business building
Keywords: “3d illustration”, 3d, architecture, bank, big, blue, bright, building, business, city, cityscape, clouds, construction, corporate, day, design, district, downtown, estate, exterior, facade, flare, glass, headquarters, high, illustration, industry, landmark, light, mirror, modern, new, office, perspective, real, reflection, reflective, render, shiny, sky, skyscraper, sun, tall, technology, tower, town, up, urban, workplace

This is also an acceptable 3D rendering because it references that the image is a 3D illustration in the title and keywords.

Top image by F.Schmidt

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