Is the filmmaking life stressing you out? Try out these tips to improve your workflow and save some time on your next shoot.

Working as a filmmaker can be incredibly tough. Sometimes, you have to wake up super early to get to set on time, then work 15 hours — and then do it again the next morning. It’s a hard life, but it’s the life we chose.

But there has to be a way to make it a little easier, right? Luckily, there is. Here are three tips to help you make those long days easier to handle.

Buy A Filmmaking Cart

Video Tutorial: 3 Ways To Make Your Life Easier as a Filmmaker — Filmmaking Cart

If you’ve ever worked on a film set, you know that the worst part about it is hauling gear from one place to another. Filmmaking gear is heavy and bulky, so why lug it around if you have another option?

I recently decided to invest in a filmmaking cart (TheRocknRoller Multi-Cart R12) to move my gear around. This thing has everything you need: a solid base that can handle a lot of weight, collapsibility, and attachments for extra gear. Instead of dragging all of your camera crates, lights, and stingers around, you can just load them on the cart and be on your way.

Prepare Your Camera in Advance

Make Your Titles And Graphics Pop with This Advanced Glow Effect — Prep Camera

One way to reduce stress is to manage your time correctly. Usually, when you arrive on set with your camera still in its case, you need 20 minutes or so to set it up — which can throw off the schedule. Why not just arrive on set with the camera already prepared? That way, you’ll be ready to shoot the minute you arrive. (And make sure you charge your batteries and organize your memory cards the night before.)

Create a Detailed Shot List

Make Your Titles And Graphics Pop with This Advanced Glow Effect — Shot List

This may seem obvious, but I felt it was necessary to mention since I believe in its stress-reducing power. Organization is key when you’re trying to maintain a worry-free set, and when you plan out your shots, you have a tangible list of everything you need to accomplish for the day.

To plan the shots, sit down with your script and map out every single shot you think you might need — even the ones you don’t think you’ll need. When it’s all written out, once you’re on set, there’s no scrambling to find coverage on the fly. You’ve got a handy guide to help you out!

So stop making filmmaking life harder for yourself, and give these tips a try. You’ll be glad you did.

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