New York City has inspired poets, songwriters, photographers, moviemakers, and just about anyone who sets foot on its concrete streets. Unsurprisingly, the city that never sleeps has also inspired an onslaught of graphic fonts we can’t get enough of. Here are just a few of our favorites.

Urban Jungle

Strong and completely capitalized, Urban Jungle embraces one of the city’s finest and most defining features: the captivating skyline. Iconic buildings are nestled into the underbelly of the font, perfect for bringing a little piece of the city to any project. Kevin Christopher, a self-taught typographer who creates fonts from homemade textures, developed this irresistible font. Download

urban jungle font

New York City

Creating a literal show-and-tell of the Big Apple, designer Koczman Bálint of Magique Fonts developed this showpiece in honor of NYC. From a Brooklyn Bridge “W” and Chrysler Building “C” to an “O” adorned with the Statue of Liberty crown, this font celebrates some of the city’s finest landmarks. Download

new york font

I Love NY

Simple yet nostalgic, the I Love NY logo — designed by Milton Glaser — is one that many urbanites (and urbanites at heart) have cherished for the past four decades. The font used in this mega-successful marketing effort is most similar to the rounded slab serif attributes of American Typewriter, designed by Joel Kaden and Tony Stan. While it isn’t free, this versatile font can be purchased here.

i love new york image

Do you have a favorite New York font? What cities inspire you? Tell us in the comments, and check out more big-city letters in our Lightbox of NYC-inspired fonts.

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