Standing on the shoulders of HBO’s award-winning 90s and early-2000s content, sophisticated new shows from streaming services and broadcast channels alike are challenging the notion of what’s possible on TV. The year’s best programming escaped small screen formulas and tropes, drawing on the best of cinema to offer viewers a true escape.

With the sheer amount of television out there, there is also a huge need for production support. What often goes unnoticed is the stock footage, images, and music that play a huge role in the TV and film industry. From establishing shots of city skyscrapers and sweeping aerials of hard-to-reach places to photos used for set design and music for scores, stock content can be seamlessly integrated into any high-budget production, cutting costs and filling in gaps wherever possible. Shutterstock has contributed footage to a variety of film and television projects, including several Marvel productions like Thor: Ragnarok, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and Guardians of the Galaxy, along with popular Netflix programs like House of Cards, Glow, and Stranger Things.

Inspired by some of our favorite Emmy nominated shows from this past season, we reimagined their trailers and intros using Shutterstock footage and music. Check out the video below to see how close we got to the real thing.

Go behind the scenes and see all of the Shutterstock content used to make these trailers:

Big Little Lies
Track: The Great Love by The Commandeers

Stranger Things
Tracks: Eyes in the Closet by Emmett Cooke
Big Bad Boss by Martin Riopel
Huge Action Trailer by Richard Canavan

House of Cards
Track: A Black Hole by Lost Harmonies

The Handmaid’s Tale
Track: Risen from the Ashes by Delicate Beats

Top Photo: Chelsea Lauren/Variety/Shutterstock