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We’ve Updated Shutterstock’s Contributor Terms of Service

At Shutterstock, one of our most important goals is to support our contributors’ success by delivering healthy and reliable earnings to you. Over the years, we have achieved this by growing and investing in customer relationships. This investment has led us to deliver record milestones of nearly 1.3 million global customers, 500 million paid downloads, $300 million in contributor earnings, and royalties of up to $120 or more per download.

We also have goals to minimize changes, as well as be open and transparent when changes do have to be made. With the latter goal in mind, we’d like to explain a few modifications to our Contributor Terms of Service. Below is a summary of the most significant changes; please consult the latest Terms of Service for further details.

1. The minimum payout amount has been lowered from $75 to $35.

You can now get paid sooner! The payout you are eligible to receive in August 2015 (for royalties earned in July 2015 and prior, as applicable) will be the first payout to which this change applies. If you would like to change your minimum payout amount, you must log into, then go to your “Account Settings” and change the “Minimum Payout” amount.

2. You agree that Shutterstock can permit customers to use editorial content for commercial purposes in limited circumstances (for example, when the customer obtains the necessary rights and clearances).

On occasion, customers may ask to use editorial content for commercial purposes because they are able to obtain the appropriate rights and clearances. This update allows us to permit these customers to use your editorial content for commercial purposes. Please note that this change does not create any additional liabilities or obligations for you.

3. You give Shutterstock permission to collect, process, store, and transfer your personal data.

Shutterstock needs your information so that we can provide you with our services. For example, we need permission to collect and process your personal information in order to set up your contributor account, generate tax forms, and pay you royalties.

4. If you believe content you are selling through Shutterstock is being misused, reach out to us prior to taking any action directly.

If you believe your content is being misused under a license purchased from Shutterstock, please contact us prior to reaching out to the Shutterstock customer or end user. Shutterstock is in the best position to investigate and remedy any potential misuse on your behalf. We are here to support and facilitate on behalf of you, our contributors.

These are highlights of the most important changes to our Terms of Service. Please consult the full document for additional details, and let us know if you have any questions at

    Updates & Reminders – July 28, 2015:

  • If you have not updated your account, please remember to change your minimum pay-out. The lowest pay-out you can receive is $35. Update Now.
  • If you have already lowered your minimum pay-out, please check your PayPal or Skrill (Moneybookers) account to make sure that it is Active, Verified and able to Receive payments.
  • Be sure that any changes to your PayPal or Skrill (Moneybookers) account are updated in your Shutterstock account. Update Your Submit Account.
  • ALL updates to your Submit account, MUST be done by midnight EST on Friday, Jul 31st 2015 to be eligible for the Aug 2015 pay-out.
  • For further info or if you have questions, please refer to our contributor forum
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