Add some yuletide cheer to your Christmas cards and other festive projects with this roundup of 20 free holiday themed fonts.

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Whether you’re designing a holiday graphic for your company’s website or simply looking to add some pizzazz to your Christmas cards, a festive font can work wonders. The specific aesthetic of the holidays is both familiar and intangible. Some holiday fonts feature extra flourishes and winter imagery, but other fonts that fit well with Christmas designs aren’t as obvious.

While you’re exploring the web looking for a terrific Christmas font, you don’t want to accidentally blow your gift budget on an overpriced typography set. Christmas has come early this year: we’ve plumbed the depths of the internet to collect the best Christmas fonts that cost absolutely nothing.

Note: some of the licenses vary, so always check on the website before using these fonts for your commercial projects. Happy holidays!

Beyond Wonderland

20 Free Seasonal Fonts to Brighten Your Holiday Projects — Beyond Wonderland
Image via 1001 Fonts.

This irresistible Christmas font, courtesy of typeface designer Chris Hansen, adds a touch of distressed darkness in the form of slightly sinister flourishes on an otherwise traditional calligraphy font. Get the Gothic-inspired font free for personal use. For commercial use simply contact the creator.

Beyond Wonderland is available at 1001 Fonts.

St. Nicholas

20 Free Seasonal Fonts to Brighten Your Holiday Projects — St. Nicholas

Image via FontMeme.

Designed over a decade ago by The Scriptorium, St. Nicholas is one of the most reliable serif fonts to use for all holiday applications. The slight distortion gives this font a rustic look that calls to mind log cabins blanketed in snow while smoke gently rises from the chimney. Use this font in your next holiday-themed video or in print projects.

St. Nicholas is available at DaFont.


20 Free Seasonal Fonts to Brighten Your Holiday Projects — Pacifico
Image via Font Squirrel.

The Pacifico font by Vernon Adams is one font of enduring popularity regarding Christmas designs, in no small part due to its nonexistent price tag. Over 230 glyphs are available in this cursive script typeface for increased usability. This font makes you want to snuggle up to the fireplace, sip hot cocoa, and listen to Nat King Cole’s Christmas album.

Pacifico is available at Font Squirrel


20 Free Seasonal Fonts to Brighten Your Holiday Projects — Atreyu
Image via Lost Type Co-op.

Many Christmas fonts are inspired by medieval gothic typefaces, and Atreyu embraces this tradition. The letters are highly symmetrical and approachable while retaining a stern gothic design. The result is a versatile font that would function best as an impact headline font. Atreyu was designed by Greg Eckler. The personal use license is pay-what-you-want, but the commercial license costs $20.

Atreyu is available at Lost Type Co-op.

Always Here

20 Free Seasonal Fonts to Brighten Your Holiday Projects — Always Here
Image via DaFont.

Jake Luedecke knows what he’s doing: Always Here is one of the most lauded modern typefaces that designers use for holiday related projects. It’s soothing, whimsical, and right in line with the concept of Christmas magic. While the font is free for personal use, buying a commercial license from Luedecke’s website will cost $50. The silver lining? Once you buy a commercial use license you can use all of Luedecke’s fonts.

Always Here is available at 1001 Fonts.

Chopin Script

20 Free Seasonal Fonts to Brighten Your Holiday Projects — Chopin Script
Image via 1001 Fonts.

Dieter Steffmann, also known by his professional aliasTypographer Mediengestaltung, designed this delightful cursive script font that can function as the perfect headline or Christmas card font. FontSpace offers a version of this ornamental font with extra characters.

The original Chopin Script font is available at 1001 Fonts.

MTF Dear Santa

20 Free Seasonal Fonts to Brighten Your Holiday Projects — MTF Dear Santa
Image via FontSpace.

This adorable font designed by Miss Tiina uses slants and odd shapes to mimic the handwriting of a small child writing a letter to Santa Claus. In lieu of uppercase characters this font includes several glyphs such as reindeer and gingerbread cookies. The personal use license is completely free, and you can use this font for commercial projects for just $5.

Dear Santa is available at DaFont.

Intrique Script

20 Free Seasonal Fonts to Brighten Your Holiday Projects — Intrique Script

Image via MyFonts.

Måns Grebäck designed this script font that adds plenty of personality to cards and design projects with signature flourishes. Intrique Script is a great holiday font because it’s readable even in smaller sizes and on screens. Note that the personal use license is free but the commercial use license is not.

Intrique Script is available at DaFont.


20 Free Seasonal Fonts to Brighten Your Holiday Projects — Nexa

Image via Font Squirrel.

As attractive as the handwritten cursive fonts and serif typefaces are, at some point you’ll need a stylish sans serif font for your paragraphs and smaller text. We recommend Nexa, a font designed by Svetoslav Simov. The basic version is free and you can download a more comprehensive set for $17.

Nexa is available at Font Squirrel.


20 Free Seasonal Fonts to Brighten Your Holiday Projects — Nickelodeon NF

Image via 1001 Fonts.

Nickelodeon was inspired by the title cards that would appear during silent films, hence its name. This serif font designed by Nick Curtis is refreshingly minimal, so its readability remains high even at smaller sizes. Give your graphic design project some vintage charm by using this winsome typeface.

Nickelodeon is available at FontSpace.

Kingthing’s Christmas 2

20 Free Seasonal Fonts to Brighten Your Holiday Projects — Kingthing's Christmas 2
Image via 1001 Fonts.

When you’re aiming for spectacle try the arresting Kingthing’s Christmas 2 font created by Kevin King. The extraordinary details like the chirping birds nestled on some of the letters should indicate that this is best used as a display font. The creator notes that the font should be at least one inch in height for the details to be visible.

Kingthing’s Christmas 2 is available at Kingthings.

The Gingerbread House

20 Free Seasonal Fonts to Brighten Your Holiday Projects — The Gingerbread House
Image via 1001 Fonts.

Yes, it’s the Christmas season, but don’t limit yourself to overtly welcoming and cheerful fonts (especially if your brand is a bit unorthodox). Chris Hansen‘s The Gingerbread House adds a touch of menace with its creepy, elongated letters that resemble finger bones. Tim Burton would approve of this font.

The Gingerbread House is available at 1001 Fonts.

Alex Brush

20 Free Seasonal Fonts to Brighten Your Holiday Projects — Alex Brush

Image via 1001 Fonts.

Rob Leuschke designed this modern take on a classic design. The Alex Brush font, published by Rob Leuschke’s company TypeSETit, is a handwriting font that exhibits that aesthetically pleasing “perfect flow” found in many popular cursive typefaces. Elevate the design of your cards or holiday banners with Alex Brush.

Alex Brush is available at 1001 Fonts.

Xmas Xpress

20 Free Seasonal Fonts to Brighten Your Holiday Projects — Xmas Xpress

Image via FontMeme.

Thank Iconian Fonts for this playful and warm variant on the traditional gothic Christmas typeface. Xmas Xpress is free for personal use. It functions well as title font for inviting but informal designs and its detailed curves come across distinctly in e-cards and other digital projects.

Xmas Xpress is available at 1001 Free Fonts.

Candy Cane

20 Free Seasonal Fonts to Brighten Your Holiday Projects — Candy Cane
Image via Stockio.

Look, this is a collection of Christmas fonts. Did you really think we weren’t going to include a free font featuring everyone’s favorite holiday treat? The Candy Cane font lives up to its name with over 80 glyphs designed to resemble candy canes. This font is a designer favorite that’s suitable for headings and banners. Candy Cane was created by Michel Bujardet.

Candy Cane is available at DaFont.

One Starry Night

20 Free Seasonal Fonts to Brighten Your Holiday Projects — One Starry Night
Image via Brittney Murphy Design.

This handwritten font created by Brittney Murphy Design features soft swirls and thin lettering to create a festive typeface perfect for posters, cards, or website banners. Simultaneously quirky and fancy, One Starry Night is free for personal use and will only set you back $5 for commercial projects.

One Starry Night is available at FontSpace.

Olympic Branding

20 Free Seasonal Fonts to Brighten Your Holiday Projects — Olympic Branding
Image via FontMeme.

The gentle swoops and paintbrush effect in Thomas Boucherie’s Olympic Branding font go hand in hand with images of snowflakes and ice skating atop a frozen lake. The stylized font seems almost hand lettered and gives any design project a helping of jolly energy and good cheer.
Olympic Branding is available at Urban Fonts.

Marcelle Script

20 Free Seasonal Fonts to Brighten Your Holiday Projects — Marcelle
Image via FontZone.

Typefaces with explicit Christmas imagery certainly add context to a project, but with the right design you can utilize general fonts that create a complementary atmosphere to your card or video. StereoType‘s Marcelle Script is a lovely distressed font that gives the impression of a timeless bedtime story.

Marcelle Script is available at FontZone.


20 Free Seasonal Fonts to Brighten Your Holiday Projects — Sentinel
Image via 1001 Fonts.

Sentinel is another font designed by Dieter Steffmann. The decorative details of this headline typeface give it that special twinkle needed to evoke the Christmas spirit. Its legibility is lower than other fonts on this list, so use Sentinel sparingly for titles or at the top of holiday posters.

Sentinel is available at 1001 Fonts.


20 Free Seasonal Fonts to Brighten Your Holiday Projects — Frosty
Image via 1001 Fonts.

Inspired by the title font of the animated classic Frosty the Snowman, the Frosty font features windswept snowflakes of various sizes gliding alongside select letters. The letters seem organic yet stable, so your company website or the banner hanging at your annual Christmas party will strike a balance between buoyancy and legibility. Frosty was designed by Fontalicious.

Frosty is available at Acid Fonts.

Browse these charming Christmas fonts and load up your stocking without spending a dollar.

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