Here at Shutterstock, we like to give away free assets and elements for video editors and designers. In fact, we just gave away 191 of them. Here’s how we did it.

Around here, freebies are what we call our completely free video elements, design assets, sound effects, motion graphics, and much more. We’ve been into freebies for quite a while at Shutterstock; however, once a year, over at PremiumBeat, we host an entire Free Week.

Every day for a whole week, we give away one pack of free elements and assets. We craft these elements with care, with all sorts of creatives in mind. Watch the video below to find out how we created these assets and pulled everything together.

We tried to make a little something for everybody for this year’s Free Week — a little bit of motion graphics, a little bit of sound effects, and a bunch of compositing and design elements for many different purposes. Whether you’re finishing out your next corporate industrial, or creating your next sci-fi epic, you’ll find assets you can use from this year’s Free Week.

Check out the assets below, and follow the links to download your free elements.

17 FREE Anamorphic Lens Flares

You can use these lens flares for a number of things. First and foremost, you can use them to add a subtle light hit or texture to an otherwise bland shot, or you can use them to bring a real-world feel to your motion graphic designs. We captured these flares in 4K using a Panasonic EVA1 and Atlas Orion anamorphic lenses.

To use these flares, add them to your shot or scene, and set the blending mode to either “Add” or “Screen.” If you use the Add blend mode, you’ll get a more punchy look, and Screen mode will be a bit more natural.

Using color correction tools, you can alter the contrast and color of your flares to get the look you want.

Download Lens Flares

21 Free Motion Graphics for Premiere

Using the Essential Graphics Panel, you can now work with animated motion graphics in Adobe Premiere Pro. This is a huge development — now motion graphics designers can pass off motion graphics to editors, and they can customize colors, text, elements, etc. directly in Premiere.

This pack includes 21 free motion graphics templates for Premiere. These are .mogrt files that you can install into the Essential Graphics Panel, and then add some professional motion design to your videos.

We designed these elements to complement the 15 Free Lower Thirds we recently released. So, if you pair the two packs, you’ll have the beginnings of a nice graphics library. For more info on how to use these elements, check out this post.

Download Motion Graphics

SPACE KIT: 40+ FREE 4K Space Textures And Elements

One of my personal favorites, SPACE KIT is a pack of over 40 free space textures and elements. This pack has everything you need to create beautiful, natural-looking space scenes. Whether it’s for your motion graphics or for compositing in your next science fiction film, this pack has what you need to get started. With 13 space atmospheres, 13 nebulas/galaxies, and 24 star fields, you can quickly create the look you need.

We created all these elements organically and practically using fluid dynamics techniques.

Download Space Kit

Action Hits Toolkit: 70+ FREE Action Hits and Compositing Elements

This pack has a little bit of everything. If you’re trying to add some excitement or action to your work, this pack probably has what you’re looking for. This pack includes dirt hits, sparks, muzzle flashes, smoke, fantasy hits, and plenty of experimental textures and elements that you can use to create imaginative effects.

We captured Everything in this pack in-camera, and it’s all 100 percent practical. We used a number of different techniques to create this pack, from flaming steel wool to paintball guns.

Download Action Hits Toolkit

40+ Free Footstep Sound Effects

If you’ve ever done any sound design at all, you’ve probably needed footstep sounds. Unfortunately, good ones can be hard to find, especially considering all the different textures that you might need.

We took special care to create some of the most common footstep sounds that we’ve had trouble finding ourselves. In the pack, you’ll find the sounds of footsteps on concrete, creaking wood, snow, glass, gravel, rocks, sand, and more. There are 13 different textures, and each texture includes different shoes and speeds. We recorded all of these sounds in a controlled, sound-dampened environment in our studio.

Download Sound Effects