This Sunday, Mother’s Day will be celebrated in dozens of countries around the world, offering millions of people the chance to remind Mom just how loved she is. Of course, motherly love isn’t limited to humans alone — the maternal bond is obvious across just about every species on Earth.
That’s why we’re filling our hearts in advance of the holiday with this celebration of moms and their babies from throughout the animal kingdom. Get your fix of extreme cuteness, then don’t forget to drop that card in the mail or plan something special for the weekend. Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother and Baby Orangutan by Xiebiyun

Cat and Kitten by Orhan Cam

Polar Bear and Cub by Eric Gevaert

Chicken and Baby Chicks by BeauBB

Sheep and Lamb by Katarzyna Mazurowska

Mother and Baby Bunnies by Anikakodydkova

Koala Bear and Baby by worldswildlifewonders

Mother and Baby Deer by PhotosbyAndy

Mother and Baby Elephant by CampCrazy Photography

Mother and Baby Giraffe by Henk Bentlage

Hippopotamus Mother and Baby by abxyz

A Lion Mother and Her Cub by Gardawind

A Swan and Her Chicks by Karel Gallas

Penguin and Babies by Volodymyr Goinyk

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