Videographers: You might be wondering what type of footage content is most requested by Shutterstock Footage customers. We’ve put together a list of a few categories that are in demand:

1. Diverse actors and actresses in business settings
2. Ethnic groups underrepresented in our collection, especially Hispanic people
3. Rare and exotic animals in natural settings
4. Clips that illustrate health and wellness
5. Footage of elderly people
6. Footage of doctors and hospitals
7. Localized content useful for travel and tourism uses
8. Contemporary fashion
9. E-Learning and computer programming
10. Cultural celebrations and holidays

More: Other areas of content that Shutterstock Footage is looking for are artistic lifestyle clips, sports and recreation,and motion graphics and backgrounds.

There are also opportunities in news coverage (submitted as editorial). Think about major events in the news, and clips that could provide b-roll for news stories.

Before you submit your footage, make sure it is of high quality and that it is tagged with accurate and relevant information. Always make sure that the clip is commercially viable and think about how it will work in a commercial, documentary, corporate video, and other typical uses.

Good luck with your footage shooting!

Image © Irbiss/Shutterstock