If there’s one thing marketers love, it’s a hefty set of data and tools at their disposal. Each new social tracking platform or SEO analytics toolkit creates a frenzy of folks chomping at the bit to test them. But with all of the tools available, too often we spend more time optimizing the ones we use instead of optimizing the task at hand.

Below are ten browser plugins that will actually (no, really!) save you time every day. Test out one or two to start, and just watch the free time appear. Give all of them a go, and who knows, you might just make it out of the office in time to have a social life!

Google Page Analytics

1-page-analytics copy

Available on: Chrome

Data-driven marketers know all too well the perils of logging into Google Analytics to check a simple landing page metric, only to get distracted by a mountain of data hidden in layers of reports. The Page Analytics plugin from Google brings the information you need right to the surface. As you browse through your website (or any pages you’re tracking in Google Analytics), a dashboard of key metrics appears, so traffic and engagement stats are right at your fingertips. The plugin even lets you use date comparisons and segmentation tools right within the extension interface, while providing a link back to the full Analytics product if you need to do a deeper dive into your performance.


2-buffer copy

Available on: Chrome, Firefox, Safari

Stock your social queue for the week in just a matter of minutes with this plugin from Buffer. After connecting Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn accounts, you can add social updates as you browse the web. From any webpage, open the Buffer extension and use the Simple Composer to create a post that will be scheduled at the next optimized time for your account. Or, using the Power Scheduler, elect to have a piece of content shared one or more times in the future, at whatever intervals meet your audience needs. All of this is accomplished without having to log into any other social networks or copy and paste updates from one network to another.


3-asana copy

Available on: Chrome

Project management is undoubtedly one of the biggest areas of wasted time in most organizations. Have you thought of something you need a teammate to do while reading an article or looking at a competitor’s site? The Asana extension allows you to quickly create and assign tasks to project collaborators while avoiding an overwhelming chain of emails and followups. Articles, references, and notes can be captured in a simple extension, and assigned to one specific coworker, or shared with an entire project team. The extension also works within Google Drive, allowing you to reference your existing documents in tasks you assign to collaborators.


4-ritetag copy

Available on: Chrome, Firefox, Safari

How much time do you spend brainstorming, crafting, and analyzing the best hashtags for each social post? The perfect piece of content deserves the perfect hashtags to promote visibility and reach, which is exactly where Ritetag comes in. Whether you’re posting to Twitter, Facebook, or Google+, Ritetag provides feedback on your hashtags as you type. Get instant analytics on hashtag usage, including how many impressions and unique tweets use a given tag per hour. After a 30-day free trial, this tool costs $10+ per month, but you’ll up your social game while saving time in the process. #winning


5-pocket copy

Available on: Chrome, Firefox, Safari

Indulging in a quick read from your favorite blog can quickly send you down a rabbit hole of related posts and recommended reading. Reclaim your productivity by using Pocket to curate and save a list of reading material that can be read in your free time. A system of manual and suggested tags make it easy to sort saved content by topic later.

Awesome Screenshot

6-awesome-screenshot copy

Available on: Chrome, Firefox, Safari

Need to quickly tell a developer how to rearrange page elements, or give visual feedback to a designer? Awesome Screenshot will help by easily visualizing your thoughts. Rather than trying to use email to describe in detail what you’re seeing in front of you, use Awesome Screenshot to capture all or part of the page, and enable annotations with text, arrows, lines, and more. Remote workers and teams spread across distant locations will appreciate the time savings of being able to show a teammate what they need without struggling for words.


7-evernote copy

Available on: Chrome, Firefox, Safari

Whether you’re planning an upcoming trip or brainstorming for a work project, Evernote’s Web Clipper extension offers a seamless way to save information from around the web. Once an item has been saved within a designated notebook, it becomes fully searchable, making it easy to find down the road. Even words within images become searchable, thanks to advanced image processing that “reads” uploaded image files. Use this plugin to catalog all of your ideas in one place, so you spend less time searching for forgotten inspiration.


8-klout copy

Available on: Chrome, Firefox, Safari

The Klout browser extension offers on-the-fly social posting and scheduling, but its biggest benefit is the social intel it provides in-network. Once the extension is installed, you’ll see individuals’ Klout scores promoted right within Twitter’s desktop view, helping you easily identify when influencers are engaging with your company. Rather than having to do rounds of influencer research before striking up a conversation, you’ll be able to pick out high-value individuals who are already active in your space.


9-lastpass copy

Available on: Chrome, Firefox, Safari

The one thing more aggravating than a tool that takes too much time is a tool that you spend too much time trying to find the password for. Online security needs are demanding more and more complex passwords, but unique, long alphanumeric strings aren’t exactly the easiest to memorize and use. Skip the hassle of storing, losing, and forgetting passwords with a browser extension from LastPass. Create one secure password for your LastPass account, and the extension will automatically manage your login information for all other websites you visit. Enterprise-level accounts allow data security for teams that share accounts and need daily access.


10-rescuetime copy

Available on: Chrome, Firefox

Let’s face it, even if you have all the tools to make yourself more efficient, social media, your favorite blogs, and other feeds are beckoning you to spend a few minutes (okay, an hour) looking around. Sometimes, the best way to change your bad habits is to see just how much they’re impacting your work. The RescueTime plugin monitors your computer usage, tracking how much time you’re online, and what category of sites you’re spending time on. At the end of each day, a productivity report shows you just how much time you actually spent getting work done, instead of checking NCAA scores or taking a coffee break.

Do you have any other go-to browser extensions or productivity hacks that save you time? Share them in the comments below!

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