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Fasten your seatbelt, Shutterstock is about to take you up and away on an aerial tour of the world. We’ve curated 50+ breathtaking images with a bird’s eye view to give you a unique perspective of beautiful planet we live on. Here are 10 of our favorite photographs from the collection. To view the entire lightbox click here.

Lava Meets Ocean at Hawaii Volcanoes National ParkBryan Busovicki

Crop Duster |  B Brown

Public SquareMartin Bílek

Namib Desert | Orxy

Niagara FallsGary Blakeley

Colorado River & Grand CanyonBryan Busovicki

Wetlands | Huyangshu

TractorsB Brown

Plitvice National ParkEvgeniya Moroz

 Colorful FieldsZvonimir Atletic