When can I use my video pack?
Start downloading videos instantly after purchasing a pack. Download using your pack any time within 365 days.
What video sizes can I download with my pack?
Packs are available in HD, SD, and Web resolution. Videos of equal or lower resolution will be available to download from that pack. For example, with an HD Pack, download HD, SD, or Web resolution.
Can I purchase video clips without a pack?
Yes. Just add your clips to the cart and pay for them using your credit card. 4K resolution is $299 per clip, HD is $79, SD is $49, and Web Resolution is $19.
Can I have more than one active pack at a time?
Yes. There’s no limit to the number or types of packs you can have at one time. For example, you could have 3 active HD packs at the same time.
If I have multiple packs, how can I choose which one to download from?
You’ll be able to select which pack you want to use in the cart. All of your applicable Footage packs will be available.
When does my pack expire?
Your pack will expire once you’ve used up all of your downloads, or after 365 days. You won’t be able to download new clips using that pack, but you will be able to access clips from your download history for up to a year.
Can my packs Auto-Renew?
Yes. Packs have an optional auto renew setting. We highly recommend using auto renew for uninterrupted access to video clips. You’ll be able to select auto renew on the “Order Summary” page during checkout, or on your “Account Detail” page once you’ve purchased a pack. If auto renew is on, your pack will be set to refill once you’ve downloaded all your videos from that pack, or at the end of 365 days — whichever comes first.
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