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  • Silhouettes of Carioca Brazilians playing beach football at sunset on Ipanema Beach Rio de Janeiro Brazil silhouetted slow motion
    HD 00:30
  • Shaky camera following footsteps of unrecognizable man going along the walkway in the dark
    HD 00:13
  • Close-up of shopping girls marching in the mall
    HD 00:12
  • Silhouettes of Carioca Brazilians playing altinho keepy uppy beach football at sunset on Ipanema Beach Rio de Janeiro Brazil
    HD 00:19
  • hand touching tablet computer surface touchscreen
    HD 00:21
  • Above view dolly shot of graphic data templates on long table with unrecognizable business people analyzing them
    HD 00:14
  • SLOW MOTION: freestyle skier jumping
    HD 00:22
  • SLOW MOTION: Girl running at sunset
    HD 00:28
  • SLOW MOTION: Girl running in shallow water at sunset
    HD 00:29
  • Crowd of people. Green screen.
    HD 00:14
  • Anonymous crowd of people walking London City street slow motion
    4K 00:22
  • Hong Kong, China - Nov 15: 4k hyperlapse video of people shopping in the Festival Walk shopping mall in Hong Kong on November 15, 2013. Festival Walk is one of the biggest shopping mall in Hong Kong.
    4K 00:10
  • Crowd of pedestrian commuters on London Bridge 04
    HD 00:31
  • Business people signing the contracts together concluding the deal by a firm handshake
    HD 00:15
  • Male hand touching a golden wheat ear in the wheat field, sunset light, flare light.Unrecognizable person, slow motion, high speed camera,copy space
    HD 00:14
  • Man holding a little green plant
    HD 00:09
  • Street filled with a very busy anonymous crowd
    HD 00:25
  • Shopper paying for products at checkout
    HD 00:28
  • Crowd of people illuminated by colorful light during a concert
    HD 00:08
  • Hyperlapse video of a busy shopping mall
    HD 00:10
  • Unrecognizable crowd, people walking, slow motion
    HD 00:20
  • SLOW MOTION: Parus bird lands on hand and takes a seed
    HD 00:19
  • street crowd slowmotion
    HD 00:29
  • SLOW MOTION: Tear comes out of an eye and streaks down the cheek
    HD 00:15
  • SLOW MOTION: Female surfer paddling out
    HD 00:30
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