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  • 4k huge clouds mass rolling over namtso road,herdsman tent.,Danggula(Tanggula) Mountains in xizang Plateau,herdsman tent,roof of the World. gh2_09227_4k
    4K 00:30
  • fireworks display on Independence Day July 4 USA with sound
    HD 00:58
  • Picturesque Autumn landscape at the park beside a river later afternoon
    HD 00:24
  • Night storm over residential area: Lightening in the summer stormy night. Street lamp is in the center.
    HD 00:17
  • Beautiful Autumn landscape of sunset colored trees and rust-colored leaves that covers the ground
    HD 00:28
  • Timelapse of clouds moving over ocean
    SD 00:19
  • Animated Background
    HD 00:10
  • HOORN, THE NETHERLANDS - AUGUST 17: People visiting the annual funfair in Hoorn on August 17, 2014. Founded in 716, Hoorn rapidly grew to become a major harbor town in the Netherlands.
    HD 00:30
  • colourful fireworks display during las fallas festival in valencia, spain
    HD 00:18
  • Man jumps from cliff of Dubrovnik into Adriatic water, Croatia
    HD 00:06
  • A spectacular display of hundreds of geese flying out at sunrise. White-fronted and red-breasted geese fly in to a lake in the morning. Taken at Durankulak lake and Shabla lake, Bulgaria.
    HD 00:16
  • Old Faithful geyser erupts in Yellowstone National Park.
    HD 00:24
  • colourful fireworks display
    HD 00:20
  • HONG KONG - CHINA, MAY 15, 2012, Pan right of Island Kowloon, Pearl River and leon statue with skyscrapers in cloudy day
    HD 00:14
  • Panning View Of Philippine Tarsier Bahol, Philippines
    HD 00:20
  • Sai Van Bridge in Macau, China
    HD 00:09
  • BOHOL, MANILA, PHILIPPINES - CIRCA 2011: Boats on the ocean off of the beach at Bohol, Philippines
    HD 00:31
  • Flying raptor birds ant sunrise sky. Birds of prey flying over a lake in the morning at amazing sunrise, large zoom shot at sun.
    HD 00:19
  • the famous Iguazu Falls on the border of Brazil and Argentina
    HD 00:28
  • Banff iconic shot, zoom back from Cascade Mountain (HD 1920x1080 60i)
    HD 00:13
  • 4k sheep grazing on the prairie,clouds mass rolling over snow-Covered mountains,ranwu lake in tibet.	 gh2_10058_4k
    4K 00:26
  • Stunning aerial shot of paragliders flying over a spectacular mountain view. Pyrenees, Spain. HD
    HD 00:08
  • Thunderstorm coming
    HD 00:18
  • MARINA BAY, SINGAPORE - JUN 12: Time lapse of spectacular light show after dusk in Supertree Grove at Gardens By The Bay on June 12, 2013 in Singapore.
    HD 00:27
  • BUCHAREST, ROMANIA - 25 OCTOBER, 2014 Spectacular landscape, quiet peaceful view in park, small sailing boats floating on lake water
    HD 00:21
  • fireworks
    HD 00:30
  • the famous Iguazu Falls on the border of Brazil and Argentina
    HD 00:28
  • Spectacular, amazing view of bubble gas eruption of thermal sulfur, closeup of mud volcano in summer day
    HD 00:23
  • Time lapse of Kathmandu Valley sunset in Nagarkot, Nepal. Nagarkot is a famous hill station for it's beautiful views of the especially Mount Everest. Shot on Red Scarlet.
    4K 00:10
  • Lone young female hiker fulfilling her ambitions
    HD 00:09
  • Hundreds of White-fronted and Red-breasted geese flying out. Geese fly over a lake in the morning. Taken at Durankulak lake and Shabla lakes, Bulgaria.
    HD 00:13
  • Fireworks display.
    HD 00:13
  • mountains and glaciers, Banff, Canada
    HD 00:13
  • Orca pod swimming through Telegraph Cove.
    HD 00:37
  • Zoom Out View From Beautiful Hills Bahol, Philippines
    HD 00:36
  • A Tibet style village clings to the mountainside in Dharamsala, India.
    SD 00:11
  • the amazing monarch butterfly sanctuary in mexico, where millions of butterflies return to each year from the USA and canada
    HD 00:24
  • Ferry Ride
    SD 00:13
  • 2-shots of the cliffs of Karijini National Park, Western Australia.
    SD 00:13
  • View of Gan Chenpo, Urkinmang Mang, Lingsing Himal, Shishapanagma, Dome Biane, Dorje Lakpa and the Lenpo Ghang mountain range. Shot on Red Scarlet.
    4K 00:16
  • beautiful butterflies filmed close up
    HD 00:23
  • Transfagarasan mountain road, Timelapse Romanian Carpathians
    4K 00:12
  • Old Abandoned Green House Old, Destroyed, Rust Still
    HD 00:13
  • post disaster, massive multi condo complex fire, pan right wide
    SD 00:08
  • Aerial View of Monument Memorial, Snow Storm in Washington DC, Federal Buildings ( Ultra High Definition, Ultra HD, UHD, 4K, 2160P, 4096x2160 )
    4K 00:25
  • Autumn Elbow River wide shot on ground zoom back (BetacamSP)
    SD 00:40
  • Closeup of whale coming up in arctic waters
    SD 00:30
  • Mountains rise out of a barren desert in this spectacular aerial shot.
    SD 00:21
  • Blue mountains in the Sydney area
    HD 00:06
    HD 00:05
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