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  • NEW YORK - CIRCA August 2011: Crowds crossing the streets of New York City
    HD 00:14
  • SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - MARCH 13: Sydney Opera House, view from Kirribilli on March 13, 2013 with the Manly ferry in the foreground
    HD 00:34
  • One male and one female nurse attend to an elderly male patient, checking his blood pressure and chatting with him. In the background a nurse and consultant specialist are discussing another patient.
    HD 00:28
  • AMSTERDAM, HOLLAND - AUGUST 4: Gay Pride Canal Parade Amsterdam 2012 filmed from one of the parading boats - August 4, 2012 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
    HD 00:05
  • A front shot, panning right across a group of diverse students, all consumed by working on their cell phones and ignoring each other.
    HD 00:17
  • Class mature students on IT business course working with female tutor in classroom shot on RED EPIC
    HD 00:21
  • Young Caucasian Female Preparing Healthy Living Meals - Young ethnic females preparing delicious organic salad vegetables home kitchen for healthy living meal enjoying glass red wine
    HD 00:18
  • Friends playing with balloons on beach
    HD 00:24
  • Ambitious male female multi ethnic business team concluding meeting for future contract bidding
    HD 00:17
  • Portrait of a large and diverse multi ethnic group of business people who are representing a variety of occupations. They are isolated on white in a studio shot.
    HD 00:24
  • New York - August 21, 2012: City streets full of commuters starting their working day
    HD 00:25
  • Montage ambitious young business people CG images modern global communication
    HD 00:12
  • Close up confident male ethnic financial share broker handshake business colleague company team background talking together shot on RED EPIC
    4K 00:18
  • Close up male female corporate business consultants getting into luxury black limousine after arriving for important meeting shot on RED EPIC, 4K, UHD, Ultra HD resolution
    4K 00:29
  • Time lapse of young attractive business group in a meeting in modern city office
    HD 00:11
  • Satisfaction of success by group of multi ethnic business people and clients around table
    HD 00:22
  • Teenage female Caucasian college student giving classroom presentation to multi ethnic male female classmates slow motion shot on RED EPIC - Young College Undergraduate Giving Class Presentation
    HD 00:15
  • Multi ethnic successful male female global financiers preparing for meeting using wireless technology while being driven luxury limousine close up
    HD 00:17
  • Moscow, Russia – May 20 night fire in construction building, may 20, 2014, Moscow, Russia
    HD 00:13
  • Happy students on graduation day are hugged and congratulated by proud parents
    HD 00:12
  • SIEM REAP - OCT 21: Timelapse view of Bayon temple at Angkor. 21 October 2011 in Siem Reap, Cambodia.
    4K 00:18
  • Close up happy young multi ethnic heterosexual couple casual vacation clothes together sightseeing Chinese junk shot on RED EPIC
    4K 00:20
  • Multi Ethnic Girls Home Kitchen Fresh Stir Fry Vegetables - Young multi ethnic females home kitchen preparing to cook delicious market fresh organic vegetables healthy living stir fry meal
    HD 00:20
  • Multi-ethnic businessmen in a meeting with their manager
    HD 00:22
  • Distant view young Caucasian Asian Chinese people vacation enjoying harbor sightseeing tour Hong Kong Island sailing aboard traditional designed Chinese junk shot on RED EPIC
    4K 00:21
  • BRISTOL - September 1: Break Dancing / B-Boy Jam Competition - Medium Sequence - September 1 2013 in Bristol England
    HD 00:16
  • Group male female Asian Chinese Caucasian business people meeting drinking coffee city rooftop restaurant
    HD 00:16
  • Brightly dressed young male female multi ethnic travel visitors enjoying view modern city downtown from commercial Chinese junk harbour waters shot on RED EPIC
    4K 00:22
  • A team of security personnel working in a busy system control room, could be a weather station/airport traffic control. It could be a  power station or police/army control facility. In slow motion.
    HD 00:24
  • Advanced Business Communication Asian Chinese Businessman Businesswoman Motion Graphics Touchscreen 3D System Trading CG
    HD 00:13
  • 4K Mixed ethnicity business team in strategy meeting in modern office
    4K 00:15
  • Multi ethnic business people outdoors using wireless hot spot - Multi ethnic young business people outdoors using wireless hot spot technology, shot on RED EPIC
    HD 00:16
  • The camera slowly moves towards a high school girl as she stands in the hallway looking at the lens
    HD 00:20
  • LOGAN UTAH CIRCA AUG 2009: Motorcycle riders ride during annual Ride For The Fallen in respect for soldiers killed and wounded in Iraq war Logan Utah. Scholarship for Utah State University students.
    HD 00:20
  • FREDERIKSTED, ST CROIX - JAN 2014: St Croix Martin Luther King Parade ROTC. Annual Martin Luther King, MLK freedom parade through Frederiksted urban town. Students in ROTC uniforms show patriotism.
    HD 00:30
  • African American male business manager on a tablet overlooking Manhattan
    HD 00:19
  • Multi ethnic group business people led by young Caucasian male receiving news of business success via tablet
    HD 00:08
  • As charity workers and members of the community work together filling boxes with food and clothing, one male volunteer comes to the front of the shot and smiles at the camera. In slow motion.
    HD 00:19
  • Wide Shot Couple embracing near Lake Powell / Utah, USA
    HD 00:11
  • Global business montage images featuring successful achievements, worldwide
    HD 00:10
  • Successful young male female Asian Chinese Caucasian business associates dressed evening clothes enjoying evening drinks luxury rooftop bar city downtown shot on RED EPIC
    4K 00:16
  • Four Attractive, Playful Teenage Girls Dancing, Having Fun On The Beach (With Sunny 
    HD 00:08
  • Security worker in a busy system control room is taking calls via a headset and either issuing or receiving instructions.
    HD 00:24
  • Overhead View Of Designers Meeting To Discuss New Ideas
    HD 00:15
  • Audience Dancing At Concert Performance In Slow Motion
    HD 00:29
  • Financial adviser meeting medical team executives in hospital boardroom
    HD 00:16
  • Skilled multi ethnic medical professionals close up performing surgery in sterile surroundings
    HD 00:23
  • Hot sexy legs of young adult women walking down the street.
    HD 00:13
  • Caucasian and African American pretty female friends planning holiday on the Internet using tablet computer interior shot on RED EPIC
    HD 00:20
  • Happy group of friends or business colleagues chatting and laughing together in a small cafe or wine bar.
    HD 00:29
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