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  • A bad TV signal I recorded which looped a variety of wavy, colorful static. Contains three options for audio, which switch throughout the clip.
    HD 00:20
  • Flying through nebula somewhere deep in space
    HD 00:29
  • Beautiful Nebula
    HD 00:17
  • Analogue old CRT TV test card with color bars, full of noise, static, grain, scanlines. Good as: background, intro, transition, screen saver, dvd menu.
    HD 00:10
  • a pulsing heart shape passed through an analogue television to give distortion and video static
    HD 00:38
  • sequence made from extreme macro images of audio cassette details. Useful clip for parties vjing and club events
    HD 00:18
  • Old film look treatment of a close-up of inserting and removing an old-style 5.25" floppy disk.
    HD 00:11
  • stop motion of an old style flip clock
    HD 00:12
  • universal film/academy leader countdown, made using 35mm celluloid film strip. this is a super high quality 4k version at 4096x2304 pixels
    4K 00:07
  • Excited businessman screaming and raising hands to the sky by the sea, slow motion
    HD 00:23
  • Flying into a colorful and dynamic nebula in the outer space
    HD 00:20
  • Small octopus moves in an aquarium
    HD 00:12
  • Stars Sky Turning Space Astrophotography Time Lapse
    HD 00:15
  • night sky with lightning and storm,video clip,Lightning Bolt Strike
    HD 00:13
  • Blue silk fabric flowing with glitter shooting with high speed camera.
    HD 00:25
  • Breakdancer in the streets
    HD 00:05
  • abstract yellow paint splash in slow motion, isolated on black (FULL HD)
    HD 00:10
  • car fast in tunnel with.
    HD 00:28
  • a lot of red jellyfish medusa in a black void, natural background
    HD 00:15
  • White jellyfish (Aurelia aurita or Moon jelly) in blue ocean water
    HD 00:20
  • 1920s - Very good shots of the industrial age in America circa 1927.
    SD 03:15
  • Skydiver woman freestyle
    HD 00:11
  • Astronaut moon landing and ground crew back on Earth waiting anxiously. Mock black and white 1960's space footage of the early moon surface landings.
    HD 00:30
  • Woman dancing, slow motion
    HD 00:23
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