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  • splash ink spot & clouds,wire lines.
    HD 00:23
  • Giant alien ships in the sky
    HD 00:12
  • Man sawing wood chainsaw
    HD 00:19
  • Soldiers running in destroyed building
    HD 00:27
  • Eyes of wolf
    HD 00:15
  • Boy lost in the woods  episode 2
    HD 00:19
  • Lost boy staring at the treetops
    HD 00:16
  • Exterior of Teddy Roosevelt's log cabin, surrounded by green grass and trees in Medora, North Dakota.
    SD 00:11
  • Satanic Leaf-tailed Gecko (Uroplatus phantasticus) cleaning eye in Ranomafana rain forest in eastern Madagascar. Red eyes and horns above eyes earn this supremely camouflaged lizard its devilish name.
    HD 00:38
  • This clip is unavailable
  • Camera moves to reveal a winged celestial image captured in stone adorning a gravesite.
    HD 00:15
  • Albino Python in Orchard
    HD 00:04
  • Moving Shot of Tree Roots in a Vancouver Forest
    HD 00:13
  • Camera spinning low angle shot through lush, Pacific Northwest forest showing tall, old growth trees.
    HD 00:25
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