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  • splash ink spot & clouds,wire lines.
    HD 00:23
  • Parkour guys run, slow motion
    HD 00:29
  • man listening music on a tube train standing wider shot
    HD 00:45
  • Robotic Arm Loads and Welds Car Part
    HD 00:25
  • This clip is unavailable
  • Man opens curtains on the view Hong Kong
    HD 00:07
  • Tokyo Railway, Japan, Regional Train Passing, Speed Train, Metropolitan Area
    HD 00:30
  • Huge pendant bridge at coast with forest on mountains under cloudy sky
    HD 00:07
  • pov water splashing behind a ship
    HD 00:19
  • Interior of moving train with outside view from inside
    HD 00:19
  • Aerial of Hamakua Valley, Hawaii
    HD 00:39
  • High speed train leaving railway station
    HD 00:26
  • Woman looks through the train window
    HD 00:17
  • Welder at work in factory
    HD 00:10
  • UFO is flying over the town
    HD 00:29
  • Busy City. Timescape at Night. Hong Kong. Zoom in shot. Corporate buildings at the back. Busy cargo container loading activity in container terminal. Busy traffic across the main highway at rush hour.
    HD 00:17
  • CNC lathe
    SD 00:08
  • Russian built Hydrofoil arriving to Ikaria from Samos 2
    SD 00:27
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