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  • Mixed martial arts athlete wraps his hands with blue cloth. Close up shot.
    HD 00:13
  • Mixed martial arts athlete walks up stairs headed to a fight. Medium shot.
    HD 00:09
  • Soccer player dribbles through defenders successfully. Close up shot
    HD 00:16
  • Behind shot of basketball player shooting hoops.
    HD 00:11
  • Basketball players playing a game of one on one. The player with the ball spins around his defender and dunks it forcefully.
    HD 00:09
  • A close up of a basketball player running up and dunking the ball
    HD 00:12
  • A male golfer walks through the frame while on the fairway. Medium slow motion shot.\xE6
    HD 00:18
  • A man's hand puts a tee in the ground and then sets his ball on the tee. Close up slow motion shot.
    HD 00:21
  • After one golfer makes a good shot onto the green he gives a high five to his partner. Wide slow motion shot.
    HD 00:28
  • A man steps up to his ball and then takes a perfect swing at it. Medium shot.
    HD 00:14
  • Fly fishing Silhouette
    HD 00:19
  • Fly-fishing at sunset
    HD 00:12
  • Fly-Fishing at Sunset. Low angle on the water
    HD 00:19
  • Muscular sweaty man lifts weights in the shadows. Close up
    HD 00:24
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