How do I submit video for review?

Shutterstock is always looking for new content to add to our collection. Contributing video to Shutterstock is free and you will retain the copyright to your work.

Submitting video to Shutterstock is simple.

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Video clips that are submitted to Shutterstock must be of professional quality and each clip will be evaluated by a reviewer. You can learn more about our review process here: How is content reviewed?

Technical Specifications:

Please see What are the technical requirements for footage?

Step 1: Upload Your Content

All footage must be uploaded via FTP, you can learn more about it here: How do I upload content via FTP? If you experience issues with uploading, check out this troubleshooting guide: How can I resolve uploading issues?

Step 2: Tagging and Metadata

Once your clips have successfully uploaded via FTP you will need to enter titles, keywords, and categories using the Content Editor. This information is known as metadata, and makes it possible for people to discover your photos. We’ve published some tips here: Maximize Your Visibility: Keyword and Title Best Practices.

Metadata can be added to multiple clips at once by multi-selecting them, or using the Select All feature. Changes you make will apply to ALL selected clips.

In this step, you can also add any of the following, if necessary:


Step 3: Submit Your Content

Once your content is prepared for Submission, click Select All at the top left of the Content Editor window and then click the Submit button.

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If you are not quite ready to submit at this time, you can click "Save Work" and save your uploaded content for submission at a later time. You have up to 21 days to submit uploaded content for review. If you do not submit your work to us within that timeframe, it will automatically be deleted from our servers.

If after clicking Submit you receive a message that some of the clips contain errors, please click "continue” to go back to the Content Editor and correct each of the clips that are marked in red If necessary.

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After you have entered any necessary corrections, select the images and click on "Submit for Review" again. This message is only a suggestion, so if you feel that you entered all the titles and keywords correctly, simply "Select: All" and click Submit again without entering any changes.

Once you have successfully submitted your photos for review, you will see this message:

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Within a few hours of submission your submitted content will appear in the Content Overview section of your account page, under "clips and images waiting for review.”

Once your content has been reviewed, you will receive an automated email from Shutterstock, notifying you of which images have been approved into your portfolio. It may take up to 72 hours for newly approved content to show up in your portfolio.

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