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Using Forums to Improve Your Images Whether you‘re a full-fledged professional, an up-and-coming amateur, or even a hobbyist, there are many reasons you should read the forums and even post to them.

Increase your sales!

Even if you‘re already an expert, there are always new market trends, new information, and a never-ending exchange of ideas on the forums. How better to keep yourself up to date in our industry than to see what your peers are saying and thinking? The more familiar you are with the ins and outs, what‘s hot and what‘s not, the better your images will sell!


Having a problem with your images? There‘s a good chance someone else is too, or already has found the solution online. By reading through others‘ posts, you may find multiple solutions. Or, post your problem and allow other forum readers to reply directly to your question. Either way, there‘s a great chance that the ideas/suggestions/answers exchanged on our Shutterstock forums will resolve the problem. Additionally, the forums have helped photographers by learning valuable strategies and techniques, since many of the forum contributors are already seasoned pros with years of industry experience.

Need a break from creating content?

Read a forum post! If you‘ve ever been to forums before, you probably noticed there are often at least half a dozen more people registered than those who are actually posting. You can glean useful input and insights from different personalities and opinions just by reading forum posts online.

Student surpasses the teacher.

Perhaps you‘ve been involved long enough now to have an understanding of the knowledge and opinions being exchanged within the Shutterstock forums. You will probably be able to anticipate the industry shifts, annoyances, and trends your peers have been discussing and/or experiencing themselves. Once acclimated, you‘ll find yourself posting your own ideas and suggestions online as well.

Remember, try to bring something of value to the table – often you see those one-liners that simply state “I agree!” or those little smiley-face icons. While that is fine to do, no one gains anything from posts like these. So sign on, step up and become a valuable member of our community. Soon, your peers will begin to see you as an expert!

Join the club!

While content creation may sometimes be a lonely, solitary endeavor, it doesn‘t always have to be. Even when you‘re not looking for new information or looking to solve a problem, just “talking shop” with your peers can build rapport, provide insight for improving and selling images, and be an overall rewarding experience. Whether commiserating a problematic project or celebrating a success, you can keep yourself motivated by sharing your own experiences online.

And remember, be consistent. You will gain the most from our forums if you visit them regularly. Forum consistency builds relationships and trust and this will help you to network with others as well as improve your portfolio. As a submitter, you‘re free to visit and participate in the forums to your heart‘s content. Take advantage of this invaluable and free resource!

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