What Content Are We Looking For? Follow @ShutterstockReq on Twitter to Find Out


Contributors often ask what kind of content we’re looking for, so to make it easy, we’ve created a Twitter feed to answer exactly that question. We’ll be tweeting out specific content needs (for photos, video and illustrations) as they come in, and the rest is up to you. Click here to follow @ShutterstockReq. (Tip: Even if you don’t have Twitter, you can check the page periodically to find out what we’re looking for.)

Here are a couple of things to keep in mind for our content requests:

  • All content should be submitted to submit.shutterstock.com (please don’t submit via Twitter)
  • If we’re specifically requesting commercial imagery that features people, we’ll include “MR” in the tweet (this stands for Model Released)
  • We’ll use hashtags in the tweets to identify specific content types needed (E.g. #video #photos #illustrations). If you see #images used in the tweet, it means we’re seeking all content types (including vectors/illustrations).
  • Content will be vetted and approved using the regular Shutterstock submission guidelines.

If you have any questions about our content requests, please feel free to tweet at us, or send us an email at: contentrequest[at]shutterstock.com.

Thank you and happy shooting!

Scott & Team