Image customers are downloading more football/soccer-related images than ever, as excitement builds for the World Cup, which begins June 12 in Brazil.

We decided to look at our customer data about the demand for football/soccer images and create an interactive infographic to share what we learned. We found:

• Shutterstock contributors have added more than 53,903 football/soccer images to our collection in the past year. At the same time, our collection of football/soccer video clips grew by 92%.
• Football/soccer image downloads have skyrocketed in the recent months, surging 91% from 2013 to 2014.
• Brazil downloads more football images than any other country — an average of 19.86 per customer!

You can see the data and explore the top 20 images from our top 5 countries in our interactive infographic:

View the interactive infographic for football (U.K. English)

View the interactive infographic for soccer (U.S. English)