Tough Mothers: Big-Screen Moms You Don’t Want to Mess With

This Sunday, Mother’s Day will be celebrated in dozens of countries around the world, and while we take the opportunity to show our eternal appreciation to the women who brought us into the world, our thoughts also turn toward some of the more memorable maternal figures in pop culture at large.

Everyone knows there’s almost nothing a mother won’t do to protect her child, but there are some movie moms out there who are pretty unstoppable in just about any situation. To mark the holiday, we chose five of our favorite “tough mothers” and asked UK artist Doaly to create portraits of them in the style of classic cameos, using a combination of illustration and Shutterstock assets.

Scroll down to see the results, from a vengeful bride to a defender of the future. We’re sure you’ll recognize some familiar faces. Tell us which one is your favorite — and who else you think should be included — in the comments below!

Beatrix Kiddo, aka The Bride - Kill Bill
Beatrix Kiddo, aka The Bride – Kill Bill
Sarah Connor - Terminator
Sarah Connor – Terminator
Ellen Ripley - Alien
Ellen Ripley – Alien
Helen Parr - The Incredibles
Helen Parr – The Incredibles
Sue Storm - Fantastic Four
Sue Storm – Fantastic Four

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