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The Magical Archaeological Cliff Dwellings of Mesa Verde

All around the world, there are landmarks and spaces that have become widely known, but there are a multitude of hidden treasures to be found for the more intrepid explorer. We've highlighted some of these natural and unique wonders in the past (see: ice castles), and of course, there are always more to share. 

Mesa Verde is a national park in Colorado, but it's unlike any park you've been to before. The archaeological preserve was established in 1906 in an effort to conserve and protect pre-existing cliff dwellings; it's unique in that it's one of the only cultural-based national parks in the US. The structures here were built by the Anasazi people, and the dwellings take up approximately 81 square miles of land. The people who inhabited the land were known as farmers, and lived there from 600 to 1300 AD; Cliff Palace, one part of the park, is known as one of the largest cliff dwellings in the United States.

Check out some of our favorite images from Mesa Verde below, then click through to our full curated lightbox for even more.

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