Shutterstock Stories: Traveling the World with Paul Prescott

Shutterstock is made possible by our network of over 55,000 contributing artists around the globe. In an effort to celebrate the personal stories behind the images in our collection, we launched Shutterstock Stories, a contributor spotlight series. In its original iteration, Shutterstock Stories received entries from contributors in 39 countries. 26 initial finalists were chosen and 7 outstanding winning entries each received an artistic grant ranging from $5,000-$25,000.

Although Shutterstock contributor Paul Prescott claims France as his home, he travels the world taking pictures of people’s lives. Bicycling through India, New Zealand, Israel, Egypt, and more, Paul uses his photographing and filmmaking skills to share a global story, inspire the world through the stories of unique individuals, and give each of his subjects a voice. Paul’s story earned him a $25,000 artistic grant from Shutterstock in 2013. Find out more about his exclusive story in the video below.

Want to see more of Paul’s work? Click below to see his full Shutterstock portfolio.

Top Image: Man and child riding on the back of elephant with rock of Sigiriya as backdrop by Paul Prescott