Shutterstock Announces Partnership with ADC

We love having friends in the creative community, and partnering with organizations such as CreativeMornings, AIGA, and the Centre National for Visual Arts has allowed us to connect with an increasing number of artists around the world.

That’s why we’re thrilled to announce a new partnership with ADC (Art Directors Club), which, like Shutterstock, is headquartered in New York City. Founded in 1920, ADC is dedicated to championing the importance of art and craft in advertising and design, and is responsible for groundbreaking programs such as Young Guns, the Tomorrow Awards, and Portfolio Night.

“Supporting ADC and its community is a natural fit, given how much Shutterstock values creativity, art, tech, and craft,” said Shutterstock’s Director of Marketing Hani Hong. “We are excited to work with ADC to produce so many innovative programs throughout the year.”

“Our mission is to help the industry make a return back to craft,” remarked ADC Executive Director Ignacio Oreamuno. “By partnering with us, Shutterstock is supporting education, inspiration, and exploration within the creative community. We are proud to have them on our side.”

One the aspects we’re most excited about is the “School of Craft,” a new, curated educational series set to feature on our online learning platform Skillfeed. Stay tuned for more details on that and the ADC partnership in general as they develop!