Resource Magazine Goes Digital, Expanding Photo Content

Photo industry go-to magazine Resource recently announced a new fully interactive digital edition of the publication. President and CEO Alexandra Niki explained that the idea to go digital was a no-brainer for the team, which has been working on a plan for some time.

Naturally, they’re excited about the potential for magazines in digital form, especially since the advent of the tablet. “Rather than fighting it, I’m interested in embracing its capabilities,” says Niki. “Beyond that, the experience of absorbing content through this medium is really addicting. It’s fun to see it come alive before your eyes. I’m personally a print fanatic and love the tactile feeling of a printed magazine or book, but it’s undeniable that digital publishing has a huge role in the future of Resource magazine and the world.”

Niki saw the possibilities for Resource and ran with it, noting that it’s important for publishers today to be aware of all of the forms of content readers are consuming. After locking in a developer to work on the project, the next hurdle, she says, was thinking in terms of both static and interactive versions of the same content. For this, they had to find creatives who could work outside of the typical editorial expectations.

“We have since added a photographer to the digital team who shoots all of our 360-degree shots,” she explains. “We have photographers approaching us about adding cinemagraph content, GIF animations, and much more. For me, this transition in thinking is similar to the stills-to-motion transition photographers had to go through. We’re thinking in so many dimensions and formats that it becomes a really mind-blowing process and production.”

According to Niki, there are numerous benefits to digitizing the magazine, one of which is the unlimited potential for including all of the photos and video footage the editors see fit, without the limitations of page count. But she’s most excited about the ways in which features like 360-degree images can benefit a magazine that often includes gear reviews.

“The reader can swipe across the screen to turn a product or item all the way around. These images are shot in house at Resource; each 360 degree image consists of at least 40 images, which are then built into the page by the developer. A similar feature is our stop motion, which, again, can be controlled by the reader with a swipe of the finger.”

“The interactivity options are endless,” Niki concludes. “It could get as complex as creating a customized videogame or integrating iPad-specific features like the camera and accelerometer into the ad or content. Every issue holds tons of exciting new features — I honestly can’t wait to see the finished product every quarter!”

The free digital edition of Resource magazine can be downloaded here »