With the Winter Olympics kicking off in Sochi, Russia, this week, we decided to check in with Russian contributor Pavel Losevsky, who specializes in shooting outdoor sports. Working as both a photographer and a videographer, the Moscow-based artist was happy to provide some unique insight into how he goes about capturing people in motion.

What draws you to winter sports, and sports in general, as a filmmaker?

Losevsky: I’m interested in filming any kind of human activity. But, in general, I’m attracted to snow. I love skiing and skating. I ski in the Alps and in a complex in Moscow. With my family, I skate at numerous rinks around our home, and it’s just cool to take a sled ride down a slope. I’ve received credentials and filmed a number of winter sport events in the past, like hockey, snowboarding, and skiing.

Timelapse Ski-Competition footage by Pavel LosevskyWhat’s unique about shooting in the cold? Are there any specific challenges?

Losevsky: When you’re passionate about shooting, you forget about the cold. Nevertheless, one should not forget the basic rules: wear warm comfortable clothes and store batteries in warm temperatures or close to the body. Then you apply all the photo and video techniques that are used in warm weather, such as shooting with a steady-cam. Recently, I’ve taken up shooting from a quadrocopter, and soon I’ll post some aerial footage taken at temperatures below 25 degrees Celsius.

Snowboarder footage by Pavel LosevskyYou’re also a photographer. How do you decide what to cover in which way? Do you stay prepared and ready for both mediums at all times?

Losevsky: Yes, I always take photos and video, alternating shoots on one SLR camera. Sometimes I take along a second SLR. Also, I always carry along a compact camera for timelapses and a GoPro camera for extreme and unusual angles.

Check out more of Pavel’s sports footage in the clipbox below, and view his gallery of photography here.

Special thanks to Anna Murafa and Tom Spota for helping with translation and coordination for this interview.

Top image: Skiers Preparing for Slope by Pavel L Photo and Video