Making Video Magic with YouTube Star Freddie Wong


Having long admired the inventive whimsicality behind Freddie Wong‘s many projects, we jumped at the opportunity to partner with him when he started formulating the concept for his latest project, Movie Night. An interactive comedy web series, Movie Night sees Freddie and his team taking “ridiculous loglines and condensing them into a rapid-fire, hilarious, 22-minute movie” every month, based on genre suggestions made by fans.

For the second episode in this series, “Secret Santa,” Freddie creatively wove nearly 100 Shutterstock images and video clips into the plot, which mashes up storylines from popular Christmas-themed and secret-agent blockbusters. The short film premiered on Wong’s RocketJump YouTube channel on Christmas Day, and it already has over 500,000 views.

Freddie and his co-creator and star Andy Mogren took the time to tell us about how they incorporated Shutterstock footage and images into their project. Check out the video below to watch as they brainstorm what might work for a specific scene, and then quickly find the right clip.

“Movie Night is about conveying the humor of over-the-top blockbuster movie premises mashed up with a cartoony image aesthetic. Literally everything is built from stock images,” says Wong. “We required lots of images to make everything from backgrounds and environments to props. Shutterstock was invaluable in providing stock footage and imagery of literally anything we could think of.”

Check out some of the footage Freddie used in his latest video in our “Movie Night” Clipbox below.

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