Whether you’re a new footage contributor or you’re just looking for ways to boost your visibility, there are a number of things you can do to make your clips stand out from the crowd — regardless of how traditional your concepts might be. We chose some of our favorite new contributions illustrating common themes to reveal how their creators made them shine. Check them out and pick up some tips on how you can reflect their success in your own work. The Popular Concept: A Sunrise

A New Day ©SimpleIconicMultimedia

What makes it unique? This clip begins with a dark visual, allowing for a transition to the main event. Also, it was shot from a high angle (as opposed to a more common view, like sunrise over a city skyline or a valley). We’re not suggesting you hover over a volcano to shoot your clip, but we do encourage you to capture this frequently filmed concept in an original way.

The Popular Concept: A Stressed Office Employee

Tired and Stressed Businessman ©Hotelfoxtrot

What makes it unique? Instead of shooting this office setting in stark white, this contributor chose an environment that is both realistic and monochromatic, with the colors all complementing one another. The viewer is also eased into the scene, reminding us that static shots that can sometimes look too set up.

The Popular Concept: CG Model Visualization

Brain Cell Synapse ©3Dme

What makes it unique? This contributor shows us a specific, yet action-packed process, focusing on synapses firing. The close-up is heavily textured, with shadows providing depth. And, much like the sunset and the office footage, the clip doesn’t end where it begins. Remember that although you only have seconds to focus on the main point of action, bringing the viewer on a visual journey is almost always more interesting than a static shot.

The Popular Concept: Moving Abstract Background

Colorful Circles Background ©downloops

What makes it unique? There’s a lot going on in this abstract clip, but it all happens at a manageable pace. A large variety of colors can be a lot to take in, but by keeping the action slow, with some areas a little out of focus, the contributor creates a subtle, atmospheric effect, making the footage more user-friendly for a variety of applications.

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