Game of Brands: Look Sharp with Tyrell Cosmetics

It’s that time again. This weekend, legions of fans (ourselves included) will return to the realm of Westeros as Game of Thrones commences its fourth epic season. Last year, we introduced the world of “Game of Brands” in conjunction with the season premiere, and were subsequently inundated with requests to further expand our look at the Great Houses of Westeros in the form of modern-day corporations. So, with all you Littlefingers whispering in our ear, who are we to resist?

Things are ever changing in the Seven Kingdoms, meaning that as the series progresses, new players continue to come to prominence. Which is why, as we expand our own tributary universe, we’re turning our attention to a house with significantly rising stakes in the game: House Tyrell.

Tyrell Cosmetics

Most visible via exceedingly attractive siblings Margaery and Loras, the Tyrells are all about keeping up appearances. But as fair as they may be, they’re also extremely fair-weather, reliably throwing their hats in the ring with whoever looks likely to come out on top in any conflict. Their fertile lands also make them extremely desirable allies, and with such a botanical bounty paired with their natural beauty, there’s no better industry for this clan than cosmetics.

Tyrell Cosmetics’ signature product is their Golden Rose Daily Concealer, the perfect cover-up to hide any flaws — or hints of deception. Whatever face you’re putting on, with this full line of beauty products at your disposal, you can be sure no one sees beyond the mask.

– Designs by Jordan Roland

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