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Marketers and creatives wear more hats today than ever. As you create and distribute content, you’re also responsible for maintaining your brand’s image and reputation. And when you’re juggling multiple projects and responsibilities, you need the right technology to help you manage your team’s workflow. With WebDAM, the cloud-based digital asset management platform recently acquired by Shutterstock, connecting your teams with valuable files and effectively managing their creative workflow is a breeze.

As any creative professional will tell you, how you manage your files can make or break your marketing efforts. These files are at the center of your work, and today’s environment means people are creating more and more digital assets. WebDAM enables teams to easily manage, find, access and share all of their digital files, helping to create lasting, consistent impressions for your audience.

What sets WebDAM apart?

WebDAM’s powerful cloud-based technology not only keeps your assets securely organized and accessible, but also helps your team collaborate better to strengthen your brand by controlling how, why, and where assets are being used. Designed with creative and marketing professionals in mind, WebDAM includes features like advanced search options, easy publishing, brand control, access management, and permissions.

Access files anywhere, anytime

Today’s marketing teams work fast — they don’t have time to search for important assets on aging physical hard drives and servers. To help enterprises move quickly with their assets, WebDAM has been in the cloud since Day One. By storing and managing your digital assets with WebDAM, they’ll be readily accessible anytime, anywhere, saving you valuable time and resources on a daily basis. Teams can create and complete projects quicker when they have easy, round-the-clock access to creative files, and, as your teams and creative collections grow, WebDAM easily scales to meet your needs.

Marketing is a global game now, with people working all over the world from different offices, coffee shops, airports, and studios. WebDAM’s cloud-based platform gives all your team members access to important files, no matter where they are. Plus, WebDAM’s mobile app puts important files and workflows right at your fingertips. The mobile app incorporates all of WebDAM’s functions — search, asset approval, secure file sharing — so you’re always able to do what you need, regardless of where you are.

A good brand is a consistent brand

Brand consistency is crucial to strengthening and growing your organization’s marketing efforts. To be successful in today’s highly saturated marketing landscape, your brand must regularly stand out from the competition. WebDAM puts you in control with an array of features that ensure brand consistency.

With role-based permissions and asset-approval functions, you can easily control who can access and use which assets and for what purposes. WebDAM also automatically captures complex metadata, displaying it clearly alongside assets. You’ll always know the details and terms of a licensed image or other file, reducing the risk of using assets incorrectly. Integrated version control ensures that you and your team work with only the most current, approved files.

Make smart choices with your collateral

Everything your marketing team creates is a valuable investment of time and resources; you want to make the most of these investments by effectively repurposing creative assets. Not only does this help you cut costs, but it also strengthens your brand by reinforcing images and other associated materials with your audience. WebDAM provides detailed analytics so you know which assets had the best results and can re-purpose them, instead of recreating designs.

Social media is the other crucial component to ensuring you’re getting the most out of your team’s marketing efforts. Brand exposure is directly tied to social-media presence, but manually staying on top of every new social channel isn’t always possible. WebDAM’s seamless social publishing lets you efficiently distribute marketing collateral across every social-media platform relevant to your audience.

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