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Experience the Fashion World Through the Eyes of the Selby

In 2008, artist Todd Selby, aka The Selby, started photographing his friends in their own homes in New York. He wasn't quite sure where the idea came from, but the results were amazing, helping him to develop a major following online. Selby began receiving requests from people around the world who also wanted their personal spaces snapped, with his site reaching the milestone of 100,000 daily visitors.

Soon, brands began looking to the photographer, director, author, and illustrator for his eye, with his portfolio growing to include work for Louis Vuitton, American Express, Fendi, Nike, and others, as well as regular columns for publications such as The Observer, Vogue, and Le Monde's M magazine.

Out this month, his third book, Fashionable Selby, highlights the fashion world in a unique way, showcasing lesser-known fashion figures alongside bigger names in unusual contexts. Read on for our quick chat with the artist, then scroll through the slideshow below to see more amazing images from the book.

Where did you get the idea for Fashionable Selby? What was different about this project from what you’ve done in the past?

Selby: For this book, I wanted to highlight the most interesting fashion personalities around the world, along with people who even hardcore "fashionists" had never seen or heard of before. For subjects who people have seen photographed before, I tried to highlight a different side of theirs that hasn't already been seen.

We heard you once worked as a Japanese clothing designer. What drew you to that?

I've always loved clothing. It was actually American style clothing that I was selling in Japan.

What was the most funny or awkward moment during one of your shoots?

There’s never an awkward moment. The most surprising thing I learned, though, is that [designer] Isabel Marant tries on all her samples herself instead of using a fit model.

Why did you decide to use both photography and painting in your work?

Illustrations give the photos more of a human element, which is why I decided to start including them in my work.

Todd Selby

Todd Selby

We’re very interested in the convergence of art and technology. Have you encountered anyone doing cool things in that space?

For Iris van Herpen, whose focus is 3-D printed clothing, I had this preconceived notion that the basis of what she does is all digital and technology, but as I got to know her and see her work, I realized it's really more about the materials she uses than technology. In a similar way, molecular gastronomy is not just about smoke and dry ice.

What’s your next big thing?

You’ll have to wait see!

Click through the slideshow below to view more from Fashionable Selby.