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CreativeMornings Featured Talk: Cal McAllister

In this monthly series, our friends at CreativeMornings highlight some of their favorite talks, speakers, and themes. This installment features the CEO and co-founder of Seattle-based ad agency Wexley School for Girls, who talks about being unpredictable — particularly when everyone expects the opposite.

Cal McAllister speaks to the creative world on the notion of embracing the zany side of our creativity, despite the fact that "psychology tells us to look good." He goes on to say that "there are no loner rebels" — support by at least a handful of believers is required to affirm whatever rebellious act one chooses to commit .

His six year old niece, Louisa, also wrote and incredible little bio about McAllister for the CreativeMornings website. It seems to summarize his personality and life in a simpler way. Here's part of it:

"Uncle Cow is a man, and he is nice! He is a joyfle man. He has 2 neeses, and 1 nefuwe. He has soft scruffy hair. He has a nice wife named Amanda who takes showers 100 times a day. He has baby named Paige and a baby named Annie. He has a verey good tast."

Watch the video above then, check out a gallery of photos from this talk »