Behind the Clip is a series where we ask footage contributors to describe what’s happening behind the scenes when they’re shooting some of our favorite clips. In this installment, Aff Marshall, aka 165 Media, takes us on an impromptu visit to a beautiful Turkish bakery.

Aff says:

“This one is from a series of clips I shot in Turkey. I was visiting my mother-in-law, and she knew the owners of the bakery. They invited me to come down and shoot some footage, so I ran down with my camera and started filming. It’s not every day that a cinematographer walks through their door, so they were happy to have me shooting. I wanted to preserve the ambiance of the location, and I didn’t bring any lights. I thought that the final product would be too dark, but it wasn’t. I managed to preserve the scene without losing its natural look.”

If this clip is right for your project, you can download the original here.