Behind the Clip is a new series where we ask footage contributors to share their secrets on how they achieved the look and feel of some of our favorite clips in the Shutterstock collection. In this installment, Helen Sarah Fields, aka HotelFoxTrot, explains the tricks she used to capture the romantic, ethereal look of this clip of a dancing couple.

Helen says:

“I got the romantic soft edge on the shot by filming through the chandelier, which was already at the location. We used actors who had worked together a lot, so they’re happy and comfortable with each other. The art direction and styling was focused on the black and white, and we used the purple in the flowers as a key signature color to break it up. It’s a simple shot, it’s over-cranked, and there’s a lot more going on than you actually see, because it’s achieved a nice, clean feel.”

Like what you see? Download the original clip here.