Behind the Clip: Holiday Edition with Via Films

Behind the Clip is a new series where we ask footage contributors to describe what’s happening behind the scenes when they’re shooting some of our favorite clips. In this installment, Daniel Hurst, aka Via Films, explains the logistics and preparation behind this timely clip of Santa making a snow angel.

Daniel says:

“This overhead shot of Santa Claus making a snow angel looks very simple, but a lot of work went into creating it. As you know, Santa’s winter schedule is very hectic, so we were forced to shoot in mid-September. Early on, we ruled out shooting at the North Pole and decided, instead, to shoot in my front yard using fake snow. We created two sets, using about 500 gallons of fake snow. This set was about 30 x 30 feet. We shot directly down from a manlift with a RED Epic camera. The bright sunlight was diffused with a 20 x 20 foot, 1 1/2 stop silk to soften the light. Santa enjoyed working with the fake snow and warm weather so much that I think he’s considering moving his workshop to California.”

Like what you see? Download the original clip here.