5 Tech-Based Kickstarters That Prove the Future Is Now

Not long ago, we compiled some of our favorite Kickstarter projects. And seeing as there’s never a shortage of excellent campaigns that could use extra exposure, we’re doing it again.

This time, we got our engineering team to share their favorite tech-oriented projects, from a video-game documentary to a tool that transforms flat objects into tabletop surfaces. If you like them as much as we do, click through and donate to score your own rewards before their deadlines are up.

1. Outerlands: Season One

Do you remember your first video game? What about your first arcade experience? This six-episode documentary TV series aims to capture the essence of video-game culture and the people who create it. As the documentarians of AREA 5 aptly state on their Kickstarter page, “Videogames are art. Art is culture. Within any culture are beautiful traditions, heartfelt passions, and incredible, unbelievable stories to be told.”

Last day to back: February 15

A sample of story topics from AREA 5
A sample of story topics from AREA 5

2. The Floyd Leg

This is one of those creations that seems so simple, and yet, so specific. The Floyd Leg is good for anyone who has ever come across a neat flat surface and thought, “Hey, this would make a great table!” It’s brilliant because, as basic as that sounds, it’s actually quite difficult to do in a way that’s safe and architecturally sound. The minimal and clean cut design of The Floyd Leg even keeps visual attention focused on whatever you’ve chosen as your surface.

Last day to back: February 7

Floyd Legs in action
Floyd Legs in action

3. ARK – The Next Generation Portable Wireless Charger

We live in a time where smartphones take up a great deal of our attention, and a dead battery could mean a missed business transaction. Looking to one-up Duracell’s Powermat, ARK is a tool for charging your phone wirelessly while you’re on the go. Check out the video below to see this wireless charger in action.

Last day to back: February 28

4. Dusctloud: Turn Your Street Into a Battlefield

In the world of Dustcloud, you’re part of an underground network of spies who play in public spaces. The only difference is that everything happens in the real world, where you’re provided with a “Duster” gun, the app itself, maps, and other neat things. The app helps you find other players from all over, which brings the communal aspect of gaming to a whole new level of awesomeness.

Last day to back: February 17

5. Avegant Glyph: A Mobile Personal Theater

When we were kids, a mobile personal theater like the Avegant Glyph was merely a futuristic dream that would find its reality in sketchbooks and doodles in class. But the future is now, and this spectacular device finally exists. A smaller, virtual-retina display combined with premium noise canceling audio makes for a potentially amazing individual movie experience.

Last day to back: February 21

What do you think of these campaigns? Which other technology Kickstarters are you currently supporting? Let us know in the comments!

Top image: Circuit board background by jeka84