A few members of our team recently sent around a link to musician Imogen Heap’s awesome Kickstarter campaign, and we were immediately taken by not only the inventiveness behind the idea, but also how much fun it would be to participate in a test demo of her product. (Learn more below.)

In that spirit, while the projects presented here range in subject matter — everything from wristphones inspired by spy-wear to remotely controlled kitty playtime devices — we’re convinced they all would be incredibly fun to play with. Check them out below, and lend your support to the ones that you love.

1. Mi.Mu

When was the last time you wore your tech gear? For Imogen Heap, being “stuck behind the computer” was enough motivation to challenge the classical approach to creating music. A couple of years ago, she worked with a team to create a new tool for musicians that would not only change the way musicians make music on stage, but also how they interact and move with the room because of it. Mi.Mu is a pair of gloves that allows the wearer to control sounds with their hands, making the musician’s experience more interactive with the audience, and the audience’s experience entirely different as viewers. As you’ll see in the video above, the gloves have advanced a step further, so that they’re able to manipulate visuals as well.

Last day to back: May 3

2. Kittyo: Play With Your Cat. Even When You’re Not Home

Anybody who owns a cat (or any pet for that matter) knows that they can be a source of delight and constant joy, especially when you’re home. But even if we adapt our lives to the needs of our pets, it’s nearly impossible to spend every minute with our little loves. With that in mind, the makers of Kittyo went to work on a product that would allow pet owners to entertain and interact with their beloved kitties, remotely, from anywhere. Kittyo is a combination of an app and a physical device that allows you to see your pets with a built-in video camera, play with them using laser pointers, and even give them treats.

Last day to back: May 23

3. LIX: The Smallest 3D Printing Pen in the World

Every day, we’re exposed to new technology that momentarily halts our perceptions of where we are and how much we’ve managed to progress as an advanced society. However, a pen that allows us to doodle in the air may just take the cake for being one of the most fun and technologically interesting advancements of 2014. LIX uses a hot end nozzle with a plastic filament, which heats up and allows you to create freestanding doodles and designs. The most attractive part of this fun tool is the physical design: it’s not clunky and huge, but sleek and elegant, much like any other pen you might use.

Last day to back: May 29

4. Tinitell: Introducing a Wristphone for Kids

When we discovered this neat invention, we were impressed by the fact that somebody had managed to implement walkie-talkie styled technology into something for children. Had our children grown up with Inspector Gadget, perhaps they’d understand how truly fantastic this wristphone is, now that it’s no longer just a cartoon idea. Tinitell is a wearable wristwatch with a built-in phone that functions in conjunction with an app parents can download to their own phone. If you’re a parent who would prefer not to allow your child the potentially premature freedom of a smartphone, but would still like to “keep in touch with your wild child” (the unofficial Tinitell slogan, seen in this video), then jump on the Tinitell bandwagon.

Last day to back: May 29

5. HACKxTACK: Magnetic Camera Lens Cap Holder

Anyone who has ever lost a lens cap understands the frustration (similar to losing keys or an ID badge) of attempting to find it. Unfortunately, those precious hours spent flipping your apartment upside down for your lost cap can never be taken back. Fortunately, the makers of HACKxTACK may have just saved your life (or at least future hours that could be lost). With a super simple design, HACKxTACK is similar to a sleek clothespin in appearance, and functions as a magnetic lens cap holder. Put it on your clothing or anywhere else, and voila! No more lost lens caps.

Last day to back: May 8

What do you think of these projects? Which other Kickstarter campaigns are you getting behind right now? Let us know in the comments!