5 Camera-Bag Essentials for Any Videographer

Being a great videographer means being able to shoot on the move, so you never want to get stuck without an essential piece of gear when it’s time to start rolling. Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned pro, here are five essential items you should always have in your bag to help you avoid any cinematic slip-ups.

Low Battery Image ©Norebbo

1. Charged Extra Batteries
 We all know shooting video requires a lot of battery power. Always be sure to purchase extra batteries, and have them charged before each shoot. This not only covers dead-battery replacements, but also assists when batteries malfunction. Extra batteries bring peace of mind too, so you’ll be more at ease without having to worry about your power display going into the dreaded blinking “red zone.”

Camera Lens Image ©FILATOV ALEXEY

2. Cleaning kit

Camera lenses can often cost more than the camera body itself, so every videographer needs a quality cleaning kit to maintain their lens. Investing in this is extremely worthwhile, as it can save you hundreds of dollars in servicing expenses down the road.

Be sure your kit includes: – A blower brush. (Ideal for safely blasting away dust and dirt.) – A microfiber cloth. (Never use paper towels to clean a lens.) – Lens-cleaning fluid. (Great for removing fingerprints and smudges from the lens and filters.)

Camera Filters Image ©frank ungrad

3. UV filter Another way of keeping your camera lens clean and protected is with a UV filter. UV filters are not only great for filtering out ultraviolet light, but also for preventing dirt and dust from getting on your camera lens. They can even provide some protection from impact. Tip: Use your cleaning kit before every shoot to keep the UV filter in good shape.

Tripod Image ©EpicStockMedia

4. Tripod To create a truly cinematic looking shot, every videographer needs a tripod; it’s a key piece of equipment in creating a stable shot. The tripod will assist you in keeping the image sharp, enhancing the depth of field, and enabling you to pan and tilt when capturing video.

Reflector Image ©Elnur

5. Reflector On many outdoor shoots, you might not have the crew to carry along a full three-point lighting kit. This is where a reflector comes in very handy. Reflectors are inexpensive, light, and don’t take up much room, as they can be folded up into your bag. Your reflector can be utilized to bounce any available light onto a subject that would otherwise be in shadow or darkness without it. (Space-saving tip: The right umbrella can also make a great reflector.)