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Follow Favorites: This Week's Artists to Follow on Shutterstock

Like most design fans, we're more than a little obsessed with decor. This week's featured artists have us buzzing with possibilities for sprucing up our spaces, whether it's through the raw materials of Curly Pat's perfect patterns or the stylized setups of Ariadna de Raddt's elegant interiors. Check out a sample of both artists' work below, along with notes on why we chose them from Shutterstock Curator Liz Lapp, then click through to view their full portfolios and start Following them yourself.

Curly Pat

"Curly Pat's intricate patterns radiate simple, modern elegance. Her portfolio inspired me to think of all the cool things that could be created with her work, and I immediately shared it with my designer friends. I could even imagine these used for 3D-printed home decor. In fact, our own Kathy Cho used them for our latest DIY craft tutorial."

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Ariadna de Raddt

"I was thrilled when I found Ariadna de Raddt's portfolio, brimming with stylized interiors. The range of images spans from private homes and lofty spaces to splendid hotel rooms and restaurants, all composed with modern furnishings and close attention to lighting. These are the kinds of enchanting interiors your story or design will want to live in."

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What do you think of this week's picks? Are there other artists you'd like to see featured here? Tell us who you're Following in the comments, and we could include them in a future installment!