The buzz around Baz Luhrmann’s blockbuster Great Gatsby adaptation is reaching fever pitch, with the latest take on the quintessential Jazz Age tale hitting theaters in North America this Friday and kicking off next week’s 2013 Cannes Film Festival.

In honor of the film’s big French festival screening, we gave designer Dimitri Simakis free reign of the Shutterstock library to use our images in dreaming up some Roaring 20s-inspired movie posters for Gatsby and other iconic Cannes classics.

Check out the stunning collection of Art Nouveau posters that resulted, featuring former festival favorites from Taxi Driver to Apocalypse Now, along with commentary from Simakis on the designs. We like them so much, we’re thinking about printing them all up to hang in our studio. Which one is your favorite?

The Great Gatsby Art Nouveau Poster by Shutterstock

The Great Gatsby

“I wanted the Gatsby poster to stand out, because unlike the other films, there’s something so sleek and decadent about the source material. Of course, I used the actual film posters as inspiration, but I also tried to add in themes of loneliness, longing, and excess.”

Pulp Fiction Art Nouveau Poster by Shutterstock

Pulp Fiction

“You can’t help but think of Uma Thurman on the bed with a gun when you think of this film, and that’s not all that different from what Chéret or Toulouse-Lautrec might illustrate (probably without a gun). Adding in those modern elements grabs your attention, but doesn’t take away from the fact that these posters could have been made in the 1920s.”

La Dolce Vita Art Nouveau Poster by Shutterstock

La Dolce Vita

“The poster I made for La Dolce Vita is the closest to an authentic Nouveau poster. As crazy as it may sound, the idea of a beautiful blonde is synonymous with that film.”

Apocalypse Now Art Nouveau Poster by Shutterstock

Apocalypse Now

“When I think of Apocalypse Now, I think Brando, choppers, and deep red color schemes. After looking at a great deal of Nouveau/Deco art for reference, I noticed how immediate the idea can come across when you add those simple elements: big bald head, helicopters that blend into the frame, and bingo!”

Taxi Driver Art Nouveau Poster by Shutterstock

Taxi Driver

“My poster for Taxi Driver is the most Art Deco-inspired, which made it a lot louder than the others. I like to think if Scorsese made that film in the ’30s, this poster would match.”

Wild At Heart Art Nouveau Poster by Shutterstock

Wild at Heart

Wild At Heart is one of the greatest love stories ever told on screen, and when you evoke pre-war French romance, it’s a match made in heaven.”

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Dimitri Simakis is an LA-based freelance artist and co-creator of Everything Is Terrible! He has worked for Disney, The New York Times, and Comedy Central. Check out his work at