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Brand New View : The Story Behind Our Redesigned Image Page

If you're a Shutterstock customer, you've most likely noticed that we recently redesigned our image pages. Over the past few weeks, we've received a lot of positive feedback on the new look, and we're really excited to have delivered on both value and appeal. Getting to the final version of the new page was a multi-step process that involved input from our customers at every stage. Along the way, we tried a number of designs, ensuring that we would get it right without compromising on customer value. Doing this was dependent on three important things.


1. Listen to Customers

At Shutterstock, we speak with customers regularly to get feedback on new ideas, prototypes, and how we're doing in general. One of the things we found out from this feedback was that customers wanted to see more similar images on the image page, such as additional images from the artist, images featuring the same model, and other recommendations. We decided to address this frequent request by testing prototypes that incorporated more content on the image page.


2. Validate the Concept

Two weeks and ten customers later, we started seeing a preference for our first prototype. The customers we spoke with liked seeing additional similar images, but without compromising the size of the main image. They also preferred larger thumbnails for the similar images, as well as easy access to image details. Prototype 1 was the way to go.

3. Test, Test, and Test

Once we picked a design direction, we needed to test the new page with a wider audience. Since there were many new elements on this page compared to our old one, we built different versions, testing each one with multiple groups of customers. After testing all these variations of the page, we arrived at the one that customers liked best.


All the customers we spoke with loved the final layout. In particular, they told us that the addition of similar images helped them discover new content more easily and even led to faster purchase decisions.  

Closing Thoughts

Talking to customers and testing ideas are important for us in bringing the very best experience to our users. Great ideas often come right from customers, so your input is invaluable.

Getting a high-level feel for the changes you're making before going too far down the road is also essential. Once you've got your main theory, start testing lots of smaller variations to measure the impact of each change, then hone in on the best design for your customers.


Thanks to all of you for helping us create and choose the new image page. Here’s to many more experiments!   – Vasudha Swaminathan, Product Owner, Customer Experience; and Zuley Clarke, Senior Interaction Designer