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Follow Favorites: This Week’s Artists to Follow on Shutterstock

We love finding great contributors to Follow, and this week's picks are no exception. Photographer Serov creates images with a style that straddles the line between cinematic and painterly, offering heavy narrative undertones. Perstami's illustrations tell stories, too, with a foundation in fashion and youth culture. Check out a sample of both artists' work below, along with notes on why we chose them from Shutterstock Curator Liz Lapp, then click through to view their full portfolios and start Following them yourself.


"Serov's images range from in-studio to natural settings, offering variety and interest in each shot. His models are emotive and highly styled, and the range he employs adds an exciting element for designers. His use of saturation and composition also elevate the possibilities for how you can employ his art."

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"Perstami's illustrations stand out by coming across as both current and trendy. The subject matter is extremely modern, and she has a wonderfully quirky drawing style. It's not wholly unrefined, but it features great line flow and eye-pleasing color palettes."

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What do you think of this week's picks? Are there other artists you'd like to see featured here? Tell us who you're Following in the comments, and we could include them in a future installment!