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Songs To Design By, Vol. 1: Sweet Emotion

Welcome to the inaugural installment of Shutterstock's new mixtape series, Songs To Design By. We've used our latest Featured Lightbox of amazing images to compile a playlist of songs to soundtrack your day. This week's Lightbox is "Sweet Emotion," a collection filled with photos and illustrations focusing on life's most heartwarming moments. Our designers and creative team took it all in and came back with the following selection of tracks to keep those positive feelings going strong.

Check out the full mixtape below and let us know what songs you would add to the list. (Note: You need to have Spotify running on your computer for the playlist below to function properly.)

Want to know how these tracks got selected? Check out what our creative team had to say about each one:

"This Must Be The Place," Talking Heads - "This gem is one of the loveliest, most powerful, most positive, enduring, and lyrically deft love songs of all time — and it has a dreamy, propulsive quality that never fails to put me in the right creative mindset."

"I Belong In Your Arms," Chairlift - "This is one of the first songs I put on when I get into the office. It's the perfect balance of upbeat (to get me ready for the day) and soft and sweet, which leaves me optimistic."

"Everyday A Dream," Menahan Street Band - "Menahan Street Band are a great jazz fusion group, and they're perfect for when you're working with typography and don't want to have lyrics in your head that might distract you."

"All Eyes On You," St. Lucia - "This song is incredibly slick, and the slow pick up has a really inviting emotional pull to it. It's the perfect mental escape from any less-than-ideal environment."

"Sweet Disposition," The Temper Trap - "I first heard this song in 500 Days Of Summer," and was instantly hooked. The slow tempo that builds until the chorus has a great calming effect and helps me tune out the world around me while I work."

"Love They Say," Tegan And Sara - "Tegan And Sara have always had great pop sensibilities, but their new album is the first time they've really brought them to the forefront. This track is one of the best examples, and one of the most romantically positive songs they've ever written."

Explore the full "Sweet Emotion" Featured Lightbox for more inspiration!

"Sweet Emotion," Aerosmith - "This one shares its name with this week's Featured Lightbox, so it was a natural for inclusion. Plus, that bass line is one of the best out there, and this track is a bona fide classic that really delivers on its title."

"Loving Me, Loving You," Ann Sexton - "This a feel-good song. It's indisputably smooth, and it can make the listener forget all worries — kind of like love itself."

"All I Want," Kodaline - "I heard about this band through the Trendland newsletter. I love this song because it's perfect for when I'm in the mood to just listen to something mellow but uplifting while I work."

"A Young One," Bart Davenport - "A bit of a throwback, this jam has a great Brothers Johnson vibe to it. It's soul music for when you need to bring that extra bit of soul to your work."

"Ruby Heart (Transmogrified)," William Orbit - "This song puts me in the right headspace when I need to think outside the box. It's classical, but unexpected, which is a great combination."

"I'll Take Care Of U," Gil Scott-Heron & Jamie xx -"Gil Scott-Heron's voice is so emotional and Jamie xx's remix makes this song fun, trancey, and easy to get lost in. The echoey guitar just feels right."

"Gymnopeédie No. 1," Eric Satie - "Satie's Gymnopédies are the most elegant sonic representation of sweetness and emotion I've ever heard. Within a few notes the mood is clearly set, and its metered delivery sets a calming tone, as well."