Follow Favorites: This Week’s Artists to Follow on Shutterstock


This week in Follow Favorites, we’ve got two more inspiring contributors who we’ve been closely Following on Shutterstock. First up is Sniegirova Mariia, whose otherworldly photo-collages receive multiple treatments, including a final touch that makes them look like recently discovered folded-up treasures. Then there’s Mrs. Opossum, whose fanciful illustrations and patterns resonate with the fairytale qualities her name implies. Check out a sample of both artists’ work below, along with notes on why we chose them from Shutterstock Curator Liz Lapp, then click through to view their full portfolios and start Following them yourself.

Sniegirova Mariia

“The techniques applied in these images take great imagination and skill. Each image has a unique collage and texture effect, and the subjects make you feel like you’re entering a fantastical world of whimsy.”

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Mrs. Opossum

“I love the bold color and inventive use of angles and animals in Mrs. Opossum’s seamless patterns. This gallery lends itself to a huge variety of exciting design options.”

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What do you think of this week’s picks? Are there other artists you’d like to see featured here? Tell us who you’re “Following” in the comments, and we could include them in a future installment!